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Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • Obama Changes Speech Date After Dust-Up With GOP
    What should have been a simple matter of scheduling turned into a Washington political incident. At issue: When would President Obama give a policy speech about jobs? The president picked next Wednesday. The GOP told him Thursday would be better a choice.
  • Justice Department Blocks AT&T, T-Mobile Merger
    AT&T says it's disappointed by the government's decision to block its acquisition of wireless rival T-Mobile. The Justice Department said Wednesday it would go to court to prevent the two companies from merging. The deal involves the country's second and fourth biggest wireless companies. U.S. officials say the deal would hurt competition and send wireless prices higher.
  • Pakistan's Biggest City Torn By Ethnic Violence
    Karachi is a chaotic place where the government often seems to have limited control. This summer, the city has been plagued by killings that have both ethnic and political overtones.
  • Panel Finds Massive Waste By Wartime Contractors
    A report by a congressional commission says the U.S. has lost tens of billions of dollars during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan because of waste and fraud in government contracts. The panel offered 15 recommendations to tackle the contracting mess. But one suggested fix — hire more government workers — might not be too popular right now.
  • Will Consumer Queasiness Drag Down The Economy?
    In the past, consumers usually talked more about cutting back than they actually did, analysts say. However, the sluggish recovery has left Americans feeling financially insecure — and more reluctant to spend.
  • Justice Department Tougher On Abortion Protesters
    The Obama Justice Department has been taking a more aggressive approach against people who block access to abortion clinics, using a 1994 law to bring cases in greater numbers than George W. Bush did. Some believe the stepped-up enforcement has put a damper on clinic violence.
  • N.Y. To Cleanup Controversial Mortgage Practices
    Officials in New York have struck a deal with major mortgage servicers to clean up some of their most controversial practices, according to The Wall Street Journal. Under the deal, the companies promise to stop signing off on foreclosure documents without fully looking over the papers in the case, as is legally required.
  • Newspaper Pulls App Off iTunes In Dispute With Apple
    The Financial Times didn't want to pay Apple 30 percent of its revenue from customers who downloaded the app, so it pulled the app off of iTunes. The move might prompt other publishers to stand up to Apple.
  • A Push To Curb Auto Service Contract Scams
    St. Louis-based US Fidelis sold more than 400,000 faulty contracts before it collapsed in 2009 amid fraud allegations. But Missouri's Better Business Bureau says it's still receiving hundreds of complaints about similar companies marketing auto service contracts.
  • Hulu Available In Japan As Subscription Service
    Video streaming website Hulu is available on computer and cell phone screens in Japan. It's the first overseas office for the service and comes at a critical time for Hulu — it's up for sale. In the U.S., a lot of Hulu's content is free but the Japanese version is subscription-only.

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