Morning Edition
Morning Edition
Monday, August 6, 2007

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • A better lookDivers to get more help in search for missing motorists
    An FBI dive team is expected in the city on Monday to help in the aftermath of the collapse of the I-35W bridge. It could be the first of two units from the federal government to help.6:50 a.m.
  • At the serviceFaithful pray for return of missing bridge victims
    Across the Twin Cities, in Spanish, Greek and English, the prayers rose up Sunday. Prayers of peace for grieving families. Prayers of strength for those still searching the Mississippi River. And prayers of gratitude from those who were spared.7:20 a.m.
  • I-35W bridge reconstruction could delay other projects
    That assessment is frustrating some lawmakers who say the bridge collapse should be a wake-up call for greater investment in the state's roads and bridges.7:25 a.m.
  • Bridge story at a glance
    A bullet-point look at the status of the I-35W bridge collapse disaster and a list of related events scheduled today.7:50 a.m.
  • Steve DrazkowskiSpecial election for House district 28B heats up
    The Minnesota House seat once held by former Majority Leader Steve Swiggum is up for grabs. The contenders are DFL candidate Linda Pfeilsticker and Republican Steve Drazkowski.7:55 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Cleanup Begins at Minneapolis' Collapsed Bridge
    Divers search the muddy Mississippi River, looking for victims of the Minneapolis bridge collapse. And, in a new phase of the recovery effort, construction crews are hauling in heavy equipment to start the long and tedious cleanup that is expected to take months and cost about $15 million.
  • Amateur Sleuth Seeks Clues to Immigrants' Fate
    Francisco Javier Torres, a clerk at the Mexican consulate in Calexico, Calif., is using detective skills and forensic techniques to track down the identities of some of the hundreds of people who die every year trying to enter the U.S. illegally.
  • Radical Muslim Leader Denies Links to JFK Plot
    Yasin Abu Bakr, leader of the radical Muslim group Jamaat al Muslimeen, says he's never met the four men arrested for plotting to sabotage New York's JFK airport and denies any links to international terrorists.
  • Wisconsin Professors Plan Dual Congressional Race
    Two Wisconsin professors will launch joint campaigns for the congressional seat of Republican Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner. One is a Democrat and the other as a Republican. They share everything from yard signs to campaign headquarters. Their goal is to change the nature of political campaigns.
  • Lebanon's Opposition Wins Parliament Seat
    Lebanon suffered a blow when an opposition candidate defeated a former president in a tense parliament by-election. The vote to replace two assassinated anti-Syrian legislators turned into a showdown between the pro-U.S. government and opponents supported by Syria and Iran.
  • Venice Exhibit Traces the Migration of Culture
    For centuries, Venice maintained strong economic and social ties with the Islamic world. The city's art and architecture bear the mark of this vibrant exchange.
  • House Passes Flimsy Energy Bill Before Break
    The House passes an energy bill that Democratic leaders hail as an environmental victory. It requires most utilities to produce 15 percent of their electricity from renewable sources. But the measure may not make it past the House-Senate conference committee.
  • The Prius Rules Hybrids — but Is Interest Falling?
    Toyota has sold 1 million Prius hybrids worldwide. But while Prius sales in the United States are strong, sales of many other hybrids are not. One recent survey suggested that the number of people interested in buying a hybrid has actually dropped in the past year.
  • Nissan to Make Car with Anti-Drinking Sensors
    Nissan is developing technology designed to detect whether a vehicle's driver has been drinking. After the driver sits down, the car monitors breath with odor sensors, checks palm perspiration, and scans the eyes for alertness. If the system thinks a driver has drunk too much, the car simply won't start.
  • GOP Presidential Candidates Push Iraq Agenda
    GOP presidential candidates struggle with what to say about President Bush during their debate in Iowa in light of the war in Iraq. The nine Republicans officially running for their party's presidential nomination gathered in Des Moines for a debate sponsored by ABC News.

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