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Thursday, July 30, 2009

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  • Candidates' Stories Reflect Afghanistan's Struggle
    While most of the attention in next month's presidential race is going to incumbent Hamid Karzai and his top two challengers, there will be dozens of other names on the ballot. Abdul Salam is one of them. He earned his nickname "Rocketi" when he was a commander with the mujahedeen fighters and distinguished himself with his uncanny ability for firing rocket-propelled grenades.
  • For Sale: Frank Lloyd Wright 'Trophy House' In L.A.
    Frank Lloyd Wright's classic Ennis House, built in 1924, now is on the market in Los Angeles with an asking price of $15 million. The three nonprofit agencies that oversee the house agree that maintaining it is a financial challenge, prompting them to look for a buyer with deep pockets.
  • Rocky Ford Cantaloupes: As Sweet As Can Be
    The small town of Rocky Ford, Colo., about 50 miles east of Pueblo, hails itself as the "Sweet Melon Capital of the World." That's because hot days, cool nights and a high elevation help farmers grow some of the sweetest cantaloupe on the planet.
  • Jellyfish May Help Keep Planet Cool
    Researchers believe that some small marine creatures may help curb global climate change. A new study suggests that jellyfish and creatures like them play an important role in circulating ocean waters, mixing nutrients, and helping to reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere.
  • Pharma Industry Keeps Hand In Health Care Bill
    One of the groups key to passing health care legislation is the pharmaceutical industry, which has been quite active behind the scenes. Billy Tauzin, president and CEO of PhRMA, the biggest trade association for the prescription drug industry, says health care is a moral imperative.
  • Taxing 'Cadillac' Health Plans Has Widespread Effects
    One funding option before Congress is to tax expensive health insurance plans. But it's not as simple as taxing the rich to help the poor. Many other Americans benefit from such plans, from union workers to big city residents to those employed by small businesses.
  • Nintendo Profits Down, Wii Console Sales Lower
    Nintendo's Wii had been on winning streak. The video game was so popular, Nintendo watched its profits triple over the last three years. But in Tokyo Thursday, the company announced its quarterly profits fell 61 percent, and sales of Wii consoles fell for the first time since the product came out in 2006.
  • Analysts: Microsoft Deal Bad For Yahoo
    Microsoft and Yahoo have entered into a ten-year deal, giving Microsoft access to the Internet's second-largest search engine audience. Yahoo estimates the deal will boost its annual operating profit by $500 million. Some analysts say this is a bad move for Yahoo, which hasn't been able to turn its popularity into a major financial success.
  • What Brands Will Be Served At Beer Summit?
    At the White House Thursday, President Obama will share a beer with police sgt. James Crowley and the Harvard University professor Crowley recently arrested, Henry Louis Gates Jr. The meeting is meant to diffuse tensions surrounding the arrest. But what kind of beer will they be drinking?
  • MillerCoors Tests Market For Draft-Beer Box
    U.S. brewer MillerCoors is testing sales of what it calls "Home Draft." It's a 1.5-gallon box of Miller Lite or Coors Light that fits into the refrigerator. The beer stays fresh in the box for 30 days. The Wall Street Journal reports the box sells for $20.

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