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Monday, July 27, 2009

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  • Holbrooke: Democracy At Work In Afghanistan
    U.S. envoy Richard Holbrooke is traveling in Afghanistan ahead of next month's presidential polls, "the first contested elections in Afghan history." Holbrooke says he is pleased with the Western-style campaigning he has seen, but that certain Election Day glitches should be expected.
  • Sarkozy's Collapse Doesn't Steal Tour's Thunder
    France's President Nicolas Sarkozy has left the hospital. He collapsed Sunday while jogging in the heat. The presidential palace says tests have found nothing wrong but he stayed in the hospital overnight for observation. In Paris Sunday, Spain's Alberto Contador won the Tour de France for the second time in three years. Lance Armstrong was third.
  • Raul Castro Tells Cubans To Work Harder
    In a speech marking Cuba's Revolution Day, President Raul Castro called on people to revitalize Cuba's underused farmland. Last year, Castro launched a program to redistribute state-owned farmland in an effort to break Cuba's crippling dependence on food imports.
  • U.S., China Open 2 Days Of High-Level Talks
    The United States and China launch what they're calling a "strategic and economic dialogue" on Monday. Over two days in Washington D.C., Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will meet their Chinese counterparts. On the agenda: climate change, U.S.-China trade and Chinese investment in U.S. government debt.
  • Opposition Claims Gains In Self-Ruled Kurdish Region
    Preliminary results from the elections held in the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region of Iraq over the weekend defied conventional wisdom. A movement calling itself "Change," which also borrowed the "yes we can" slogan from the Obama campaign, made a surprisingly strong showing. The reshuffling of Kurdish politics may have a ripple effect in Baghdad and beyond.
  • Get The Most Nutrition From Your Veggies
    You may be eating the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables every day, but are you getting the maximum health benefits? Research suggests that you get more nutrients out of some vegetables when they are cooked, chopped or even served with a bit of fat.
  • Contaminated Food: A More Watchful Eye Needed
    Congress and FDA officials agree that food distributed in the United States needs to be monitored more closely. In a global economy, the effects of contaminated food can quickly spread far and wide.
  • House Tries To Rein In Pharmaceutical Ads
    Lawmakers in the House have declared war on drug ads. One bill would ban ads for prescription sexual aids like Viagra and Levitra from prime-time television. The New York Times reports another bill would end a drug company's ability to write off the cost of their TV ads as a business expense.
  • New Pricing Plan Soon To Be At Play For Online Music
    Finding a formula for pricing music sales online has been a struggle for the industry. Charge too much and people won't buy — charge too little and you don't make a profit. But how much is too much or too little? On Monday, one of the top music distributors announced its plans to launch a new pricing system in three weeks that it hopes will entice more people to buy music over the Internet.
  • Diamond Sales Less Than Dazzling
    De Beers Diamond Company says its profit dropped an astonishing 99 percent in the first half of this year. Antwerp, Belgium, is Europe's diamond capital. Diamond dealers there are trying to lure buyers to help make up for a slump in sales.

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