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Thursday, July 7, 2011

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  • Minn. State Workers Angry There's No Budget Deal
    Minnesota's government has had been shutdown for nearly a week. There continues to be a standoff over taxes and spending between the Democratic governor and the Republicans who control the state's legislature. Hundreds of laid off state workers rallied at the steps of the state Capitol Wednesday.
  • The Cost Of Owning 150,000 Foreclosed Homes
    Fannie Mae is the nation's largest owner of foreclosed homes. That means it spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year on maintenance and upkeep, including mowing tens of thousands of lawns each month.
  • As Pakistan Expands Nuke Arsenal, U.S. Fears Grow
    Pakistan's leaders have embarked on a plan to expand production facilities. At the same time, domestic terrorists have become increasingly sophisticated in their attacks. The two trends could be a lethal combination.
  • North Korea Accused Of Paying For Nuclear Secrets
    The father of Pakistan's nuclear program tells The Washington Post that North Korea paid kickbacks to Pakistani military officials in exchange for sensitive nuclear technology. To back up his claim, AQ Khan released a letter purportedly given to him by a North Korean official in 1998.
  • Georgia Farmers Hail China's New Taste For Pecans
    About 80 percent of the pecans eaten in the world are grown in the United States, and Georgia is the country's top producer. A recent spike in demand from China has pecan farmers planting thousands of new trees.
  • It's A Duel: How Do Violent Video Games Affect Kids?
    Scientists have long clashed over whether violent video games have an adverse effect on young people, and recently the Supreme Court overturned a California ban on violent video games. It's unclear whether playing games such as Grand Theft Auto and Postal really harm people.
  • Beyonce's Twin Kingdoms: Pop And Hip-Hop
    Ann Powers talks about the bestselling album this week, 4, which melds pop, Broadway and hip-hop.
  • FDIC Sues IndyMac Ex-CEO For Negligence
    The FDIC has filed suit against Michael Perry, the former chief executive of mortgage lender IndyMac. The government seized the big mortgage lender three years ago. The suit accuses him of causing $600 million in losses.
  • Verizon Wireless Ends New Unlimited Data Plans
    Starting Thursday, the nation's biggest wireless carrier will no longer offer unlimited data plans to new customers. That means Verizon customers who watch lots of videos and stream music on their smartphones will likely have to pay more for their monthly service in the future.
  • Mining Companies On Quest To Cash In On Gold
    Rising gold prices are leading to a new gold rush, attracting companies to remote mountain and desert areas like Mesquite in California's Imperial Valley. There's no pick-axing or panning at one 19th-century mine here; the mining company has turned to more complex methods to extract whatever gold is left underground.

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