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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

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  • California Budget Crisis Escalates
    For 46 states, July 1st is the start of a new budget year. Several state don't have budgets, and many services may be hard hit. The problem is most severe in California, where lawmakers have failed to agree on a way to fix the state's $24 billion deficit.
  • White House Pushes To Keep Visitor Logs Private
    President Obama campaigned on a promise to bring a new era of openness and transparency to the White House. But less than six months into his presidency, there are already battles over what information should be made public — including a fight over the Secret Service logs of visitors to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
  • Diesel Cars Attempt Comeback With Clean Diesel
    Hybrid cars have been getting a lot of publicity lately. Now some manufacturers are offering another option: "clean diesel" cars. Some can get 40 or even 50 miles to the gallon; they aren't the noisy, smoke belching and sluggish diesels of years ago.
  • Indian Co. Tries To Enter U.S. Clean Diesel Market
    Indian company Mahindra and Mahindra plans to sell "clean diesel" pickup trucks in the United States. It's a giant conglomerate that already sells tractors to American farmers. It could be the first company to sell Indian-made passenger vehicles in the U.S.
  • 17 Miles Of Maine's Kennebec River Restored
    It's been 10 years since the federal government ordered the Edwards Dam on Maine's Kennebec River to be torn down. Regulators had decided that the public would be better served by a free-flowing river than the tiny amount of electricity produced by the dam's hydro plant. Removing the dam has changed the environment — for the better.
  • Harlem's Apollo Theater Honors 'King Of Pop'
    Harlem's Apollo Theater held a tribute to Michael Jackson Tuesday. The theater admitted 600 people at a time for a series of tribute videos and eulogies. DJs played Jackson's music throughout the day and fans left flowers and other tokens.
  • Fans Remember Michael Jackson's Best
    Tina Brown is the co-founder and editor of the online news site The Daily Beast. She talks with David Greene about Michael Jackson's fame, his impact on culture and how his death will shape how the world views him. Brown says fans are remembering Jackson's show business electricity.
  • Depp's Broody Dillinger, Dominating His 'Enemies'
    Centered on a fatalistic portrait of a great American outlaw, Michael Mann's slick, authentic-looking drama is simultaneously an art film and a crime saga — one dazzling enough to keep the Dillinger legend alive for years.
  • Citigroup Raises Rates On Some Credit Cards
    Credit card customers should check their interest rates. Britain's Financial Times reports that Citigroup has sharply increased rates on cards it issues with other stores. Sears for example. Citigroup says the adjustments are part of a "regular and ongoing process."
  • Europe Solves Cell Phone Charger Problem
    The European Union has reached an agreement with all major mobile phone manufacturers to produce a common phone charger. Apart from reducing the frustration of customers juggling incompatible chargers, proponents say the agreement will encourage recycling and reduce electronic waste.

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