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Friday, June 25, 2010

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  • High Court Reins In Use Of Fraud Law
    The Supreme Court has issued a ruling that severely restricts the ability to bring corruption cases against public officials and corporate executives. The judges unanimously ruled to limit the so-called honest services law.
  • Dawn Johnsen: 'I Have No Regrets'
    One of the White House's failed nominees is packing up her belongs and moving back to Indiana after a fight that lasted almost two years. Dawn Johnsen's nomination to lead the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel was derailed, and she withdrew her nomination two months ago. About the bruising experience, she said she has "no regrets."
  • CIA Files Show U.S. Blindsided By Korean War
    A batch of newly declassified CIA documents indicates the United States and the South Korean government were caught unprepared for the conflict, in part because of intelligence failures and mistaken assumptions. Arguably, the United States is still paying the price for the intelligence blunders of 60 years ago.
  • Senate Panel Scrutinizes For-Profit Colleges
    For-profit educators were under the microscope at a hearing on Capitol Hill Thursday. A Senate report says the industry reaps huge fees, delivers substandard education and profits from federally-backed student loans. The industry says it is ramping up to meet demand that non-profits cannot provide, and is fighting back.
  • Michael Jackson Stacks Paper From The Grave
    On the one-year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death, the pop icon's estate is rolling in cash. Jackson has joined the ranks of celebrities who earn more in death than they did while alive.
  • Nice Art! How Much?
    An Ansel Adams photo sold for $722,500 this week. That raises a broader question: How does pricing in the art world work, anyway?
  • Aetna Withdraws Calif. Insurance Rate Hike
    Aetna was planning to boost rates 19 percent for some individual policyholders. But regulators reviewed the company's math and found miscalculations -- which the company said was "simple human error." Aetna has withdrawn its planned rate hike.
  • Mortgage Rates Plunge To Lowest Levels Since 1960s
    Mortgage rates have remained below 5 percent for more than a month, but this week they hit record lows. Economists say it's the "flight to quality" that is driving down all U.S. long-term interest rates. As long as other investments around the world look risky, the U.S. will enjoy low rates.
  • Canada's Economy Stars At G-20 Summit
    As leaders of the world's wealthiest nations gather for the G20 summit in Toronto, some of them might be just a bit jealous of their hosts. Canada has come out of the financial crisis in better shape than many other countries.
  • Australia's Prime Minister Vows To End Tax Fight
    Australia's first female prime minister had her first full day in office Thursday. She called for an end to an advertising war between the government and the powerful mining industry. They've been battling over a tax the government wants to levy on what it calls mining "super profits." The government hopes to use the proceeds to close a budget deficit.

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