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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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  • Dissecting Obama's Vulnerabilities for November
    Illinois Sen. Barack Obama may have won the Democratic primaries, but now he faces a potentially tough fight against GOP Arizona Sen. John McCain. Obama still needs to woo members of his Democratic base, and the Republicans have also taken note of his debate performances and temperament.
  • Climate, Iran on Agenda as Bush Visits Germany
    President Bush met Wednesday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin. The leaders discussed climate change and Iran. NPR's Don Gonyea is traveling with President Bush on his last official trip to Europe.
  • Land Ownership a Root of Many Problems in Karachi
    As part of the "Urban Frontier" series, Steve Inskeep reported last week from Karachi, Pakistan — one of the world's largest cities. He found problems there familiar to cities around the world: from ethnic, religious and political strife to water shortages and pollution — and land ownership was a common undercurrent.
  • Palestinians Cultivate High-Tech Industry
    The Palestinian high-tech industry is in its infancy, with just a few dozen companies. Entrepreneurs say there's tremendous potential. They're establishing new companies staffed by young computer-savvy graduates who aim to provide services to the Arab world.
  • Winter a Worry as Home Heating Oil Spikes in Maine
    It isn't even summer yet, but people in Maine are already fretting about how they'll pay to heat their homes this winter. The region relies heavily on home heating oil, and prices are well above $4 a gallon. Some families barely made it through last winter's expensive heating season.
  • U.S. Beef Flap Challenges South Korea's President
    After an estimated 80,000 people demonstrated Tuesday against South Korea's plan to resume importing U.S. beef, the president promised that his government would make a fresh start — and his entire Cabinet offered to resign.
  • Russia Attempts to Revive Its Military
    Some say President Dmitri Medvedev's efforts to revitalize the once-powerful Soviet military have been stymied by corruption and intimidation within the ranks. A Russian contract soldier tells of hazing and thuggery within his unit.
  • Senate GOP Rejects Tax on Oil 'Windfall Profits'
    U.S. oil companies are making tens of billions of dollars in profits as prices soar. Democrats wanted to tax the so-called "windfall profits" and take away subsidies. But Republicans said oil companies aren't the ones pushing up prices, and that punishing them with a 25 percent tax could discourage oil production.
  • Driving Less Could Earn Break on Car Insurance
    Gasoline prices are forcing many people to rethink their driving habits. Consumers who are driving less could get a break on their car insurance.
  • Farms Take Root in Detroit's Foreclosures
    A nonprofit group in Detroit is turning unused, derelict properties into gardens that grow food for the needy. Urban Farming is pulling weeds, laying fresh topsoil, and planting free fruits and vegetables for residents to pick.

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