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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Walker volunteerSupport for Scott Walker strong in St. Croix County
    On Tuesday, voters in Wisconsin will decide whether Republican Scott Walker should serve out his term as governor. The upcoming gubernatorial recall election is a rematch between Walker and his 2010 Democratic opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. Statewide polls show the race is very close, but in St. Croix County in western Wisconsin, Walker enjoys strong support.7:20 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • World War II Vet Caught Up In Florida's Voter Purge Controversy
    Brooklyn-born Bill Internicola, 91, says he was "flabbergasted" when he got a letter asking him to show proof he was a U.S. citizen or be removed from the voting rolls. Florida is targeting suspected noncitizens, saying it's trying to prevent fraudulent voting.
  • Black Voters Feel Targeted By Election Restrictions
    New voter ID laws and other voting restrictions have been enacted in a number of states since the last major election. And that's raised special concerns among African Americans, who feel they're being targeted. Black church leaders and the Congressional Black Caucus met in Washington Wednesday to find ways African-American voters aren't discouraged from turning out in November.
  • Catholic Abuse Case Going To Jury In Philadelphia
    In a Philadelphia courtroom Thursday, jurors will hear closing arguments in a historic case involving the Catholic sex abuse scandal. William Lynn, a monsignor in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, is the first high-level church official to be tried for his involvement in covering up child abuse.
  • As Psychiatric Wards Close, Patients Languish In Emergency Rooms
    A study found psychiatric patients waited an average of 11.5 hours in hospital emergency rooms before being treated or released. That's in part because many hospitals have decided it's not economically viable to keep psychiatric wards open.
  • Chinese Security Forces Round Up Tibetan Protesters
    In recent days, three Tibetans have set themselves on fire to protest Chinese rule. In the past year, it's been reported that more than 30 people have set themselves on fire and most have died. Renee Montagne talks to Robert Barnett, an expert on Tibet, for more on why Tibetans have been protesting Chinese repression by setting themselves on fire.
  • Legislation Could Thwart Return Of Holocaust Art
    Many families who lost artwork during the Holocaust have long sought to reclaim their treasures. They could face a new obstacle. Proposed legislation in Congress would protect museums from their claims.
  • Stumbling Upon Mini Memorials To Holocaust Victims
    A German artist has found a way to remember individuals who perished in the Holocaust. He is laying brass bricks — each bearing the name of a victim — in sidewalks across the country. Each of these privately funded "stumbling stones" lies outside the last known place where the victim freely lived.
  • India's Economic Slide Called 'Extremely Concerning'
    Economists had predicted the growth of Asia's third-largest economy would continue to slow this year. But the latest data suggests the Indian economy is in worse shape than many analysts thought. The country's growth in the first quarter of this year was only 5.3 percent, compared to 9.2 percent last year.
  • Fire In Belltown, USA Destroys Last Bell Factory
    Bevin Brothers Manufacturing Company in East Hampton, Ct., was a fixture in what was known as Belltown USA. Dozens of bell manufacturers used to call it home. But Bevin Bells was the city's last manufacturer until this past weekend when the factory burned down. Owner Matthew Bevin would like to rebuild.
  • Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Find Me A Part-Time Job
    The unemployment rate is 8.1 percent, but the underemployment rate — that's people who work part time but want full-time work — is much higher. For many people, making ends meet means cobbling together temporary jobs. And, of course, there are some apps for that.

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