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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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  • Joplin's Tornado Leaves 7 Mile Path Of Destruction
    On Sunday, the deadly tornado that devastated Joplin, Mo., drove straight through the city, west to east. In minutes, it had created a wide path of near total destruction.
  • Obama To Deliver Speech To British Parliament
    President Obama holds talks with British political leaders in London Wednesday. The talks are likely to be dominated by discussions about the economy, Libya and support for Egypt and Tunisia.
  • Mubarak To Be Tried For Protesters' Deaths
    Egypt's state prosecutor has announced that former President Hosni Mubarak will stand trial for the deaths of protesters during the uprising that ousted him from office in February.
  • Anti-Government Protests In Yemen Get More Violent
    Yemen's president has repeatedly backed away from signing a deal to step aside. Iona Craig of the London Times has witnessed the clashes between government loyalists and a tribal faction that sides with protesters demanding President Saleh step down. She talks to Renee Montagne about what she's seen.
  • Tucson Shooting Suspect Faces Competency Hearing
    The 22-year-old man charged with the Tucson shooting rampage that left six people dead and Rep. Gabrielle Giffords seriously injured will be in court Wednesday. In March, a judge appointed a psychiatrist and a psychologist to separately evaluate Jared Loughner's mental competency.
  • French Finance Minister Top Contender For IMF Chief
    Christine Lagarde is the first woman ever to head the economic affairs of a G-8 economy. Observers say she has the skills necessary to fill the shoes of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who resigned to fight charges of sexual assault in New York City.
  • Flipping The Script: Man In A 'Woman-Shaped' World
    In her new short story about domestic life, Helen Simpson flips the gender roles: men fret all the time, while women leave the bathroom in a mess. It all started, Simpson says, as "a story on feminism. But I tend to be a comic writer."
  • Financial Markets Are Lower On European Worries
    Asian markets ended mostly lower and European stocks are also down, in part because of worries about government debt in European Union countries. There are fears that Greece might default and that the debt crisis could spread to other countries.
  • Iceland's Erupting Volcano Frustrates Airlines
    Hundreds of airline flights have been canceled in northern Europe because of an ash cloud emitted by a volcano in Iceland. Officials say there's no need for the widespread closures of airspace seen after a similar event last year.
  • Advocates Urge Lawmakers To Make Table Saws Safer
    Table saws are the country's most dangerous commonly used power tool. Each year, 40,000 Americans end up in emergency rooms with injuries — 4,000 of them suffer amputations. This week, consumer advocates are in Washington meeting with lawmakers to push for tougher safety regulations for the industry.

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