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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

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  • Poll: Voters Down on GOP, Impatient with Congress
    The latest NPR poll finds President Bush's approval ratings remain dismal. But voters are equally disapproving of the Democrat-led Congress. On the issues, voters say Iraq remains a top concern, and a majority favor a hard stance on immigration.
  • Philadelphia Mayor's Race Tightens
    Voters in Philadelphia go to the polls May 15 to choose nominees to succeed Mayor John Street. While five Democrats are campaigning to succeed Street, the race seems to have narrowed to a pair of front-runners. Past corruption and concerns about crime are among voters' primary concerns.
  • Bow Maker a Last Link to China's Past
    Yang Fuxi has revived his family's traditional business, making bows and arrows from water buffalo horns and bamboo. His Manchu ancestors used the weapons to conquer China, but Yang is the last-known practitioner of his craft.
  • Lang Lang's Journey to Beethoven
    Chinese pianist Lang Lang is one of the biggest sensations in classical music. He discovered his love for music as a kid, while watching a cat play the piano in a Tom & Jerry cartoon. Today he releases his first-ever Beethoven recording.
  • Northern Ireland Begins a New Era
    Northern Ireland takes a step toward a permanent peace Tuesday as rival Protestant and Catholic leaders are sworn in as heads of a power-sharing government. Decades of sectarian battles cost thousands of lives.
  • Pope's Brazil Visit Puts Social Justice in Spotlight
    As Pope Benedict XVI makes his first visit to Latin America, Vatican watchers are keen to see what he says to Brazil's independent-minded clergy. He has opposed liberation theology, the emphasis on economic and social justice favored by many Jesuits in the region.
  • JPMorgan Chase Relents on Student-Loan Marketing
    JPMorgan Chase says it will end a deal with alumni associations that allowed the firm to market loans directly to grads. It's the latest development in a nationwide investigation into conflicts of interest in the $85 billion-a-year student loan industry.
  • Ohio Workers Feel Impact of Ford Plant Closing
    Ford says it will close an engine-casting plant in the Cleveland suburb of Brook Park and shutter another plant in the area for at least a year. Workers affected by Monday's announcement say it's not a big surprise, but it's still a tough blow.
  • Pondering the Fed's Next Rate Move
    Last week's employment report showed new signs that the U.S. economy is slowing down. Against that backdrop, Federal Reserve officials meet Wednesday to ponder interest rates.
  • New Ad Trend: Selling Through Smelling
    The Scent Marketing Institute estimates that companies will spend big bucks in the next decade on ads with aromas. But some consumers think the ads stink: The "Got Milk?" campaign's cookie-scented ads in San Francisco had to be taken down.

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