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Friday, April 30, 2010

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  • Arizona Immigration Law Generates First Challenges
    The first legal suits have been filed against Arizona's tough new immigration law. Latino and other groups say the measure is unconstitutional, and law enforcement officials are taking sides. A Phoenix-area sheriff supports the law, while his counterpart in Tucson's Pima County, near the Mexican border, says enforcing it will drain local resources.
  • Immigration Overhaul Plan Unveiled By Democrats
    Senate Democrats rolled out their framework for the comprehensive overhaul Thursday. They say the top priority is to secure the border. They also called for issuing biometric Social Security cards and creating a path for more than 10 million immigrants to become legal. The plan is described as bipartisan, but no Republican co-sponsored the measure.
  • Democrats Seek Disclosure On Political Ads
    Two House Republicans joined with congressional Democrats on the new legislation that would force the disclosure of corporate money in politics. The measures come nearly four months after a Supreme Court decision that gives corporations and unions First Amendment rights.
  • Entrepreneur Writes How-To For Jamaica Businesses
    Like many poor countries, Jamaica has a vast informal economy that paradoxically seems to limit the nation's overall growth. A combination of bureaucratic inefficiency and an ingrained distrust of government, makes many entrepreneurs wary of legalizing their ventures. That in turn, makes it virtually impossible for them to consolidate, distribute goods widely or take other steps toward expanding a business.
  • The Colorful Secret Of The Pea Aphid
    The pea aphid, a tiny bug that comes in shades of red and green, is the first known critter in the animal kingdom to create its own color compounds, or carotenoids. Other animals get their color by eating various colorful plants. But aphids are able to produce their own because they stole DNA from fungi long ago.
  • Boehner: GOP Will Repeal Health Care Law
    The House Republican leader tells NPR that if his party wins a majority in November's midterm elections, they will replace the law with "common-sense steps" to lower health insurance costs. He says he is optimistic about his party's prospects, saying "at least 100 seats" are in play.
  • Powerful PAC: EMILY's List Turns 25
    One of the biggest names in politics is Emily. EMILY's List is an acronym that stands for Early Money Is Like Yeast — meaning it helps raise dough. EMILY's List is one of the most powerful political action committees in the country. For 25 years it has been raising money to give to Democratic women candidates, who support abortion rights.
  • Goldman Sachs Faces Criminal Probe
    Powerful Wall Street bank Goldman Sachs is facing a criminal investigation. Federal prosecutors are looking into whether to file charges against the bank in connection with its mortgage securities trading. NPR has learned that securities regulators made a referral to the Justice Department. The criminal inquiry by prosecutors in New York has been underway for some time.
  • Apple's Steve Jobs Publicly Criticizes Adobe Flash
    The war of words between Apple and Adobe, maker of the popular Flash video technology, is escalating. Apple CEO Steve Jobs posted a lengthy explanation of his company's decision not to support flash on its mobile devices. Adobe's CEO shot back, calling the comments made by Jobs an "extraordinary attack" on his company.
  • Was Homebuyer's Tax Credits Worth It?
    By the time homebuyer tax credits expire at midnight Friday, the government will have given up more than $35 billion. The tax credits were part of the stimulus package, and Congress extended the incentives as the recession wore on. Some economists say most of the subsidized home sales would have happened anyway, but others say the cost was worth it to help stabilize the housing market.

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