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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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  • After Oil Spill, Shrimpers Hope For Blessed Season
    It's been a hard year for Kim and David Chauvin and their family's shrimping business. The fifth-generation shrimpers spent last spring and summer helping BP clean up the worst oil spill in U.S. history. This spring, most of the Gulf is back open for fishing, and they pray for a plentiful harvest.
  • British Military Advisers To Help Libyan Rebels
    In Libya, British military experts are on their way to the city of Benghazi to help rebel forces. Britain says the officers will not be involved in fighting, but the move raises the question of whether the international mission in Libya is expanding.
  • In Egypt, Revolution Moves Into The Factories
    Under Hosni Mubarak's regime, many of Egypt's industries were privatized. Government-owned factories were often sold for bargain basement prices to government loyalists or foreign buyers with the right connections. Many of them got rich by cutting wages and benefits. With the fall of the old regime, the workers are fighting back.
  • DirectTV Offers Premium Video-On-Demand Service
    A new video-on-demand service by DirecTV offers movies to customers just 60 days after their theater release. For subscribers to see Adam Sandler's movie Just Go With it, they'll have to pay $30 for their private screening. Masters is also editor-at-large for the Hollywood Reporter.
  • Indie Truckers: Keep Big Brother Out Of My Cab
    Saying they resent both the cost and the intrusion, some truckers are resisting a proposal that would mandate electronic monitoring of their time behind the wheel. Advocates say the monitors will boost safety.
  • Standard And Poor's Role In A Post-Crisis World
    S&P and the other big rating agencies are still important. Despite post-crisis changes, the agencies are still woven into the financial system.
  • Ex-Mortgage Lender Found Guilty Of Fraud
    In one of the few prosecutions linked to the housing meltdown, the former chairman of a major mortgage lender was convicted of fraud Tuesday. Lee Farkas was chairman of Taylor, Bean and Whitaker. Prosecutors say Farkas orchestrated a scheme that cheated investors and the government out of billions of dollars.
  • Airline Rules Address Tarmac Delays, Fee Refunds
    Airlines will be required to refund any checked bag fee if that bag is lost. The new rules also expand the ban on lengthy tarmac delays to cover international carriers. Only domestic flights had been affected by the earlier rule.
  • Participatory Budgeting Is Music To Medellin's Poor
    The Colombian city is one of the largest in the world to practice participatory budgeting — which has helped bring arts and social services to streets otherwise torn by poverty and violence.
  • New Glasses Let Film Buffs Enjoy 3D Movies In 2D
    Movie buff Hank Green discovered his wife didn't like 3D movies because they gave her headaches. Without 3D glasses, the movie looks blurry. So Green decided to make some glasses to help her watch a 3D movie in 2D.

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