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Friday, March 20, 2009

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  • Auto Parts Manufacturers Grab Lifeline
    The Treasury department announced Thursday that it would provide up to $5 billion in financing to prevent a sudden collapse of the auto parts industry. FormTech Industries is one company that hopes to benefit from the relief.
  • Michigan Worries Economic Recovery Will Pass It By
    While big bonuses and Wall Street bailouts steal the headlines this week, Michigan waits to see what's in store for the auto industry. The state which has been struggling with a weak economy for years. People there worry about whether any national recovery will benefit them.
  • Capital Unit's Stumble Puts GE At Risk
    General Electric is an iconic and venerable American corporation, but its stock price has plummeted as investors worry about looming losses at GE's financial division. Top executives are trying to convince investors that the company isn't on the verge of calamity.
  • Corporate Names: Emotions, Brands And Relationships
    When General Electric was born more than a century ago, there was no more logical name to give it than General Electric. Same with Standard Oil, General Motors and General Tire. But today's companies — like Exxon and Verizon — have names that are much less logical.
  • At SXSW, Worries Can Wait
    A grim economy, with an even lousier forecast for the music industry, hasn't prevented more than 1,800 bands — and their potential fans — from flooding the clubs, bars and streets of Austin, Texas. It's all part of the 23rd annual South by Southwest music festival.
  • Russia, U.S. Vie For Alleged Arms Dealer
    Viktor Bout, now in a Thai prison, is said to have supplied weapons to Hezbollah, the FARC and the Taliban, as well as groups across Africa. Some say he has served both sides of some conflicts, at the same time. And one expert on Bout fears he will continue arms dealing if the Thais send him to Russia instead of the U.S.
  • Spies Like Us: 'Duplicity' Doubles Down On Deceit
    If you've been waiting for big stars to come back to the movies, your wait ends today. Julia Roberts and Clive Owen are back in a twisty corporate espionage thriller, and Kenneth Turan says it's worth the wait.
  • House Passes Bill Taxing AIG Bonuses
    The Obama administration is talking about getting back those big bonuses paid to executives at the AIG insurance company. But Congress is already taking action. The House passed a measure that would impose a 90 percent surtax on those bonuses. The bill clearly targets AIG, but the measure could affect other companies as well.
  • Outdoor Apparel Retailer May Be Out In The Cold
    The parent company of Eddie Bauer has raised some questions about the outdoor apparel and accessory retailer's ability to survive during the economic downturn. In a report with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Eddie Bauer Holdings said recent financial events have raised questions about its ability to remain a "going concern." That's business speak for: We need to restructure our loans — or else.
  • Florida Debates Water Tax On Bottlers
    Each day more than five million gallons of spring water is bottled in Florida, and companies pay almost nothing for local water permits. Florida is considering joining other states that have imposed "severance fees" on commercially bottled spring water. It would charge six cents for every gallon taken from springs or aquifers.

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