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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • More books for patrons?Will merger solve library's problems?
    Hennepin County Commissioners meet Tuesday to consider a merger of the Minneapolis and Hennepin Libraries, to help solve a funding problem with the city library system.7:20 a.m.
  • Republicans in St. Paul
    Concerns about the bulge of people in St. Paul for the 2008 Republican National Convention arise at public meetings.7:25 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Immigration Issues Mar Bush's Guatemala Visit
    President Bush's stop in Guatemala was supposed to focus on U.S. aid to the country. Instead, immigration dominated the agenda. The issue is likely to come up again during Tuesday's visit with Mexico's president.
  • Pa. City's Law Offers Immigration Test Case
    A federal judge in Pennsylvania is considering whether an ordinance passed by the city of Hazleton is legal. City officials are seeking to penalize people who hire and rent property to illegal immigrants.
  • Immigration Proposal Inflames French Campaign
    France's leading conservative presidential candidate, Nicholas Sarkozy, proposes a ministry of immigration and national identity. He says the move would reduce bureaucracy. Political opponents call his proposal racist and xenophobic.
  • Church Tries Its Hand at Sex Education
    The federal government has invested millions of dollars in sex-education programs for public schools that emphasize abstinence. But a church in Washington state is among many now offering their own sex-ed programs, which they say offer a fuller picture.
  • Colorado Adopts Denver's 'Rocky Mountain High'
    The state of Colorado has a new state anthem. Lawmakers passed a resolution Monday adopting John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" as one of the state's official songs.
  • NASA Report on Asteroids Suggests Nuclear Option
    Scientists have sent Congress a report on ways to prevent an asteroid from hitting Earth. Among the proposals: Use nuclear weapons to nudge a big space rock off a collision course. Some scientists don't think much of that idea.
  • Zimbabwe Opposition Leaders Arrested, Beaten
    Opposition leaders are among scores of Zimbabweans under arrest after a crackdown by President Robert Mugabe's security forces. One opposition leader was reportedly beaten while in police custody.
  • South Africa Seeks Solutions to Crime Problems
    High-profile murders and robberies have fueled a perception that crime is rampant in South Africa. The crime rate is high, but has dropped a bit in recent years. Still, government officials concede crime is a major problem.
  • Halliburton's Dubai Move Raises Questions
    Democratic lawmakers are condemning Halliburton's decision to open a corporate headquarters in Dubai. They say the oil-services giant is seeking a tax dodge. Halliburton says it's responding to opportunities in the region.
  • Schultz Bemoans Starbucks' Lost 'Soul'
    Starbucks plans to open an additional 40,000 stores worldwide. But in a recent e-mail to staff, CEO Howard Schultz complained the coffee shops have "lost their soul." He urged employees to help bring the company back to its founding principles.

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