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Thursday, March 1, 2007

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  • A Month of Attacks Focused on Iraqi Markets
    Deadly bombings occur nearly every day in Baghdad, or elsewhere in Iraq. In the month of February, attacks continued to focus on the markets that are at the center of Iraqi life. They are prime targets for an insurgency seeking to disrupt the rhythms of life.
  • Questions Arise over 2002 CIA Report on N. Korea
    A top U.S. intelligence official is questioning a 2002 CIA report that sparked a crisis with North Korea — specifically, unsettling information about North Korea's capacity for uranium enrichment.
  • Servants: Diplomat Held Us as Suburban 'Slaves'
    Foreign diplomats have long been accused of abusing domestic workers. Three former servants are suing a Kuwaiti diplomat, alleging that he treated them like slaves. But he's protected from their lawsuit by diplomatic immunity.
  • Op-Ed Piece Highlights Black-Asian Tensions
    A San Francisco-based newspaper billing itself "The Voice of Asian America" has apologized for publishing an opinion column with the headline "Why I Hate Blacks." The uproar points to lingering tensions between Asians and African Americans.
  • War Veterans Seek Peace Through Yoga
    War veterans in Massachusetts have turned to yoga to cope with symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. The veterans have served in half a century of conflicts – from World War II to Iraq. Recent news from the Iraq war has reawakened traumatic memories for many of the veterans.
  • Meditation a Hit for Pain Management
    Mindfulness is easier said than done. For those looking for an eight-week introduction to its basic meditation concepts, one course developed nearly three decades ago has become a hit as a way to manage pain and the stress that goes with it.
  • Bernanke's Comments Help Traders Relax
    Investors seem to be calming down after Tuesday's selling frenzy. Despite some weak economic reports Wednesday, the Dow Jones industrial average gained a fraction of a percent. Soothing comments from the nation's top banker seem to have helped.
  • Music Industry Takes Anti-Piracy Effort to Campus
    The Recording Industry Association of America is asking 13 universities to help identify students who might be illegally sharing copyrighted music. The RIAA says it will be suing many more students in the future.
  • House Task Force Probes Satellite Radio Deal
    A House Judiciary Committee task force will study the proposed merger of the nation's two satellite radio companies, XM and Sirius. The Justice Department is concerned that the deal might violate antitrust laws. Sirius' chief executive says it would give consumers more choices and lower prices.
  • Nashville Record Firm Still Presses the Vinyl
    United Record Pressing is among the last vinyl record manufacturers, making about 40,000 records a day. In this digital age, about 850,000 vinyl records were sold last year. That compares with 550 million CDs.

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