Morning Edition
Morning Edition
Friday, February 17, 2006

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • JelloslaveCellists move to the spotlight
    Cellists are moving their instruments from the third row of the orchestra to the front row of your local rock venue. This weekend the band Jelloslave releases its new CD "Touch IT."6:40 a.m.
  • Weather with Mark Seeley
    University of Minnesota Climatologist Mark Seeley discusses the cold weather all over the state.6:45 a.m.
  • Wilf expands on stadium proposal
    Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf fleshed out details of his proposal for a new billion-dollar sports and retail complex Wednesday night in a presentation to Blaine's city council.7:20 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Hospital Staff Seen Planning Mercy Killings Before Katrina Hit
    Since September, the Louisiana Attorney General has been investigating allegations of mercy killings in hospitals in New Orleans. The investigation has amassed witness accounts suggesting patients at Memorial Hospital may have died from lethal doses of painkillers administered by medical staff in the days following Hurricane Katrina.
  • Southern Louisiana Rebuilding Plan Has White House Backing
    Steve Inskeep talks with Louisiana Recovery Authority board member Sean Reilly about the latest plan to rebuild Southern Louisiana. It would pay homeowners up to $150,000 to rebuild or relocate. It's not the first proposal of its kind, but it is the first to win support from the White House.
  • Cheney Incident Is Latest Frustration for Press
    Questions were still rolling in from the media, five days after Vice President Dick Cheney's hunting accident. Cheney's delay in telling the story is emblematic for reporters, who often find the vice president elusive and difficult to cover.
  • 'Night Watch': Popcorn Movie, Vodka Chaser
    Night Watch is Russia's highest grossing film ever, taking in more money in three weeks than the Lord of the Rings finale did in two months. The movie takes a Hollywood-style fantasy thriller about the battle between supernatural forces of good and evil and infuses it with a homegrown Russian soul.
  • Plushenko Prevails in Men's Figure Skating
    Russian Evgeni Plushenko won the Olympic Gold in the men's figure skating championship Thursday night. American Johnny Weir, who was favored to win the silver, turned in a surprisingly flat performance and went away without a medal.
  • Officials Probe Spills at Illinois Nuclear Power Plant
    Federal, state, and local officials are investigating a previously unreported radioactive waste water spill near Godley, Ill., where the company Exelon owns and operates a nuclear power plant. Now, the company says two more of its plants in Illinois leaked radioactive waste.
  • India Takes on Hazardous Breakdowns of Foreign Ships
    Dismantling ships is a big business in India. Huge vessels are driven headlong onto the shore and taken a part piece by piece. This week, France ordered the return of a decommissioned French warship, carrying at least 45 tons of asbestos, bound for an Indian scrap yard. It poses serious health risks to any workers involved in dismantling it. Steve Inskeep talks to William Langewiesche, author of The Outlaw Sea.
  • New Option in Retirement Savings: Roth 401Ks
    There's a new way to save for retirement. The Roth 401K has tax advantages for some workers, but companies have been slow to offer the new product to workers.
  • Judge Gives Northwest, Unions More Time to Reach Deal
    U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Allen Gropper is giving Northwest Airlines and its unions one more week to negotiate new contract terms. Northwest remains locked in a bitter dispute with its powerful pilots union. From Minnesota Public Radio, Jeff Horwich reports.
  • Hamas: Its Origins and Evolution
    Israel is considering ways to clamp down on Palestinian areas.The recommendations from Israel's defense ministry come as the Islamist group Hamas prepares to assume control of the Palestinian parliament Saturday. The hard line against Hamas strikes some Israelis as ironic, since Israel itself encouraged the creation of Hamas a quarter century ago.

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