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Thursday, February 9, 2012

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  • Powerful GOP-Linked SuperPAC Has Clear Agenda
    The most powerful superPAC in this election may be one that hasn't visibly flexed its muscles yet. But the man who runs American Crossroads and its nonprofit sibling Crossroads GPS says the groups have a clear goal: Stop President Obama's agenda and replace him as president.
  • Potential Conflicts At Freddie Mac Draw Scrutiny
    A federal watchdog confirmed it is looking into Freddie Mac investments that act as bets against homeowners being able to refinance. In addition, U.S. senators are expected to probe Freddie Mac's investment practice at a hearing on Capitol Hill on Thursday.
  • Drilling Team Finally Hits Antarctica's Liquid Lake
    After years of trying, Russian scientists say they have drilled into an Antarctic lake that is buried beneath more than two miles of ice. They are looking for signs of life that haven't been exposed to sky in 20 million years.
  • China Laces Up Its Chuck Taylors
    China's consumer market is massive, and breaking in isn't easy. Some U.S. products have struggled. But in recent years, an old American sneaker has become an unlikely success story: the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star.
  • U.S. Strategy For Afghan War Reaches Critical Stage
    The U.S. and NATO have pledged to stay in Afghanistan through the end of 2014 and hand off responsibility for security to Afghan troops by then. How to get to that point, though, is not clear. And recent statements by key U.S. officials have only confused things more.
  • What Do Democracy Promoters Actually Do?
    Egypt might put nongovernmental workers on trial because it says they are operating illegally. But the U.S. insists Egypt needs to allow the pro-democracy groups to continue their work. American groups say they are helping political parties develop platforms around citizens' needs.
  • Does Russia Have A Cogent Middle East Strategy?
    Russia's support for Syrian President Bashar Assad has put it on the defensive, and its reluctance to embrace the Arab Spring has alienated traditional friends. This week, Russia vetoed a U.N. resolution aimed at pressuring Assad, and reports began circulating of a tiff between Russia and Qatar.
  • Greek Leaders Fail To Reach Debt Overhaul Deal
    European leaders are working on a $172 billion bailout aimed at preventing Greece from falling into bankruptcy. But the Greek finance minister will go to EU leaders empty handed. Greek lawmakers failed to reach an agreement on pension cuts among other things.
  • Groupon Earnings Report Disappoints Investors
    Groupon was expected to show a profit in its first earnings report since going public last fall. Instead, the company booked a net loss of about eight cents a share last quarter. But Groupon's revenues nearly tripled compared to a year earlier. Wall Street was still disappointed that growth-- especially of new customers-- wasn't stronger.
  • House To Vote On Congressional Insider-Trading Ban
    Lawmakers in the House are scheduled to vote Thursday on a bill cracking down on members of Congress who trade on insider information. In an election year, when Congress is having trouble reaching an agreement on much, the measure has enjoyed wide bi-partisan consensus. But that doesn't mean passage is assured.

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