Morning Edition
Morning Edition
Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • New ShubertIs this the year for the Shubert Theater?
    It's been six years since the Shubert Theater was hoisted on dollies and moved to a new location in downtown Minneapolis. A group called Artspace has been trying to transform the boarded-up theater into the state's premier venue for dance. This could be the year everything falls into place.7:25 a.m.
  • Minnesota contingent prepares for Turin Olympics
    Italian officials are ramping up security in advance of the winter Olympic Games. Opening ceremonies will take place Friday evening in Turin. Thirty-four Minnesotans are on the U.S. team, spread across a variety of sports. Longtime Olympic observer Jay Weiner is in Turin, covering the games for the Star Tribune, and he spoke with MPR's Perry Finelli.7:55 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Mixed Success for U. of Michigan on Diversity
    Since the Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action, the University of Michigan has made great efforts to attract minority students. While proportionally, minority students are now back where they were before the ruling, diversity on the Ann Arbor Campus is still below what many critics say it should be.
  • Medicaid Cuts to Have Wide-Ranging Impacts
    President Bush signs into law budget changes for the current fiscal year. The measure will reduce federal red ink by an estimated $39 billion over the next five years. But it also will make changes to the Medicaid health program that could have a bigger impact than the dollar amounts suggest.
  • GAO Criticizes Federal Oversight of Block Grants
    A Government Accountability Office report finds oversight problems in the Bush administration's handling of community services block grants. The GAO said that the Department of Health & Human Services had failed to adequately monitor the program.
  • Haiti Concludes Turbulent Presidential Election
    Polling stations in Haiti stayed open into the night for the country's first presidential election since Jean-Bertrand Aristide was ousted two years ago. There were some violent incidents and a few deaths were reported, but the balloting was largely free from the widespread violence so many had feared.
  • Muslim Society Official Explains Mission Against Cartoons
    Protests against cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad have led to a number of deaths and damage to Danish missions in several countries. The Danish cartoons came to worldwide attention in part because of Ahmed Abu Laban, the religious director of the Muslim Society in Copenhagen. Steve Inskeep talks to Laban.
  • Nepalese Parties Boycott Municipal Election
    Nepalis vote in municipal elections Wednesday, the first since Nepal's king seized power a year ago. While it's being billed by the government as an exercise in democracy, the country's mainstream political parties are boycotting the vote.
  • WTO Votes Against Ban on Genetically Modified Crops
    The World Trade Organization says the European Union broke the group's rules when it imposed a ban on genetically modified crops. Though the vote is a win for the biotech industry, the WTO's final call on the case isn't expected until later this year -- and Europe could appeal.
  • Future Uncertain for Auto Workers' Safety Net
    Members of the United Auto Workers union enjoy a one-of-a-kind deal with U.S. car makers: Idled workers do community service or watch videos and play cards -- all while earning full pay. But the Jobs Bank program is likely to be a contested issue in contract talks next year.
  • Senate Weighs Creation of Asbestos Trust Fund
    The Senate has voted to begin debate on legislation calling for creation of an asbestos trust fund to compensate the victims made sick by asbestos exposure. Critics say the fund is a corporate bailout.
  • Asbestos Bill: Winners and Losers
    The total spent by lobbying groups over asbestos legislation now exceeds $100 million. That investment may come to seem like a bargain, since various interests could gain or lose billions.

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