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Monday, January 18, 2010

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  • Lack Of Relief Triggers Anxiety, Violence In Haiti
    In Haiti, relief supplies haven't reached the general population in large enough quantities, fueling anxieties and security fears and triggering isolated incidents of violence. The U.S. military is facing challenges in trying to deliver aid, as well as provide a basis for more robust security in Haiti's capital and beyond.
  • Quake Survivors Gather In Makeshift Shelters
    Last week's earthquake in Haiti has left many survivors homeless. Some have turned to sleeping on the street, in parks and other open spaces.
  • Obama Stumps For Democrat In Mass. Senate Race
    Tuesday's special election to fill the Massachusetts Senate seat held by Ted Kennedy for more than 45 years wasn't supposed to be much of a race. Democrat Martha Coakley was expected to be miles ahead of her Republican opponent. Instead, it's a race so close and with so much at stake that President Obama is making a last-ditch appeal for Democrats to turn out for Coakley.
  • Opponents Threaten Court Battle On Health Mandate
    A major component of the health bills grinding through Congress right now is a new requirement that nearly everyone buy health insurance — a so-called individual mandate. But conservatives who oppose the health care overhaul have threatened to challenge this mandate on constitutional grounds.
  • Lost King Speech To Be Heard After 50 Years
    Martin Luther King Jr. gave the speech, about the future of integration, in January 1960 at Bethel College in Kansas. On Monday, it will be heard for the first time in half a century. The only known recording of the speech was found recently in Kansas.
  • Emotional Training Helps Kids Fight Depression
    Researchers have developed a curriculum that teaches middle-schoolers to challenge negative thinking in times of emotional stress. Studies show that it can buffer against the onset of depression, suggesting that resilience is a skill that can be learned.
  • Toyota Aims To Take Hybrid Sales To New Level
    Toyota is planning to ramp up its production of hybrid cars, according to a Japanese newspaper report, which says the company aims to sell a million hybrid cars in 2011 — double the number it sold last year.
  • Europe's Airports Feeling Pinch From Security Costs
    When governments in Europe mandate greater security checks on air passengers, it is often the airports that pick up that tab. But the airports complain that because security is a government responsibility, it should be the state that pays for it.
  • The Phone Book's Days Appear Numbered
    At the end of every year, a new telephone book, usually weighing a few pounds, lands with a thud on doorsteps across the country. The directory is estimated to consume millions of trees a year to produce. But with most Americans now carrying mobile phones, do we still need phone directories made out of paper?
  • The Skinny On A New York Real Estate Deal
    Someone's paying a lot for what's known as the skinniest house in New York. The 9 1/2-feet-wide home, whose former residents include the poet Edna St. Vincent Millay, recently sold for almost $2.2 million.

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