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Thursday, January 12, 2012

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  • Romney Campaign Heads South Hoping For 3rd Win
    Fresh off his big wins in New Hampshire and Iowa, Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney took his campaign to South Carolina. That state votes a week from Saturday. The other Republicans are trying to throw up road blocks.
  • Rivals Try To Chip Away At Romney's Lead
    While GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney savored his second consecutive win in the Republican nominating process, those who finished behind him in New Hampshire also continued on to South Carolina. They are hoping that it is in the Palmetto state where they can get his campaign to to stumble before it becomes unstoppable.
  • In Russia, Modern 'Revolution' Comes At Its Own Pace
    Historically, Russians have often been content to accept strong leadership and stability. There are signs, however, that Russians are feeling let down by the government. A trip across Russia found many people patiently awaiting change.
  • Gingrich, Romney Go At It Over Abortion
    As the race heads to socially conservative South Carolina, the Republican presidential candidates are accusing each other of being less than pure on the issue.
  • TB That Resists All Drugs Is Found In India
    A dozen cases of totally drug-resistant tuberculosis have been diagnosed in Mumbai. Infectious disease specialists say there will be more cases in India and other countries where TB that doesn't respond to some drugs is being treated inappropriately.
  • The History Of Factory Jobs In America, In One Town
    Greenville County in South Carolina is where manufacturing's past and future live side by side. In South Carolina, and throughout America, factories produce more than ever. Yet in Greenville, there are abandoned textile mills everywhere you look.
  • Royal Bank Of Scotland To Cut 3,500 Jobs
    Over the next three years, RBS will cut 3,500 jobs. That's in addition to more than 30,000 layoffs that happened over the last two years. In the U.S., RBS runs Citizens Bank with branches in about a dozen states.
  • Bain Employees Fight Back After Campaign Attacks
    Workers in the private equity industry are miffed that their business is becoming a dirty word in the presidential campaign. The indignation at such attacks runs especially deep at Bain Capital in Boston, the private equity firm started by Republican front-runner Mitt Romney.
  • Project's Promise Of Jobs Has Appalachia Seeing Stars
    Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia are waiting to hear which state Shell Oil will pick to host a huge new chemical refinery. The project would turn ethane gas, produced through "fracking," into ethylene, which is used to make plastics. The venture could be the biggest investment in the region in decades.
  • Thieves Find Big Money In Stolen Plastic
    Four men were arrested in Los Angeles this week with $250,000 worth of stolen plastic pallets, milk crates and bread baskets piled high in a warehouse. The warehouse also held a big industrial plastic grinder. Authorities say plastic sells for up to a dollar a pound.

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