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Public radio's only national series about the global economy and finance takes a broad view of business, covering any story related to money — most of the world's stories are. Hosted by Kai Ryssdal.

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Quiz: Putting college-bound students to the test
ACT scores show many students still are not prepared for college.

Shocker: Rent is very, very high
A new study from Zillow pegs median rent at $1,318 per month nationwide.

Why Europe loves Yellen's moves
The Fed is likely to stay the course, and other central banks are fine with that.

Political ads keep community papers afloat
National and local politicians still use print ads to reach specific voting blocs.

Silicon Tally: Pizza pushers
How well have you kept up on this week's tech news?

Teaching theology... for profit?
A for-profit college based in Georgia offers theology degrees to would-be pastors.

SoundCloud to start including ads in content streams
Do they risk undermining their core, indie-leaning fan base?

Could $1 store + $1 store = monopoly?
Family Dollar rejects Dollar General's offer to buy, citing fears of antitrust complications.

Diplomats can't take the ice bucket challenge
Rules apparently bar foreign service members from taking the challenge.

School transportation cuts still affect families
Some districts that cut bus service during the recession haven't brought it back.

California's wells are going dry now, too
The long drought has led to a strain on groundwater - much like having too many straws in the same glass.

As waters rise, Mekong rice farmers switch to shrimp
Salinization of the Mekong Delta is pushing a move toward a new crop: shrimp.

What is a superfood?
A new study tries to define superfoods. Hint: it's more than just kale.

The flop that is 'Expendables 3'
The film only grossed approximately $15 million on its opening weekend.

PODCAST: Bank of America settles for $16.65 billion
Plus: predicting a rise in interest rates and Ebola's effect on Africa's economy.

If you give a kid an iPad...
The ACLU sues a school district in Massachusetts over its tablet policies.

Ebola's cost to African economies
The epidemic is financially hurting Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.

Building a better news feed
When social media algorithms confuse engagement with approval.

The web has a violent news problem
Social media algorithms can push violent content, whether you 'like' it or not.

The NFL wants artists to pay to perform at the Super Bowl
The question now: Is it worth it for the artists - or the NFL?

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