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Public radio's only national series about the global economy and finance takes a broad view of business, covering any story related to money — most of the world's stories are. Hosted by Kai Ryssdal.

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Kimojis, Sheenojis...Kaimojis?
Everyone's getting on the custom emoji bandwagon. Why not Kai? (05/26/2016)

What teachers in Greece think about the latest bailout
Many students don’t see a future for themselves in Greece, according to two educators. (05/26/2016)

What Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have in common
There's a lot, actually. (05/26/2016)

Would anyone take a Trump vs. Sanders debate seriously?
We asked you'd want the candidates to answer if they actually had a debate. Here's what you said. (05/26/2016)

Georgia's HERO drivers reduce road rage on highways
Georgia's Highway Emergency Response Operators keep the highways flowing smoothly (05/26/2016)

Global productivity numbers are in — cue the sad trombone sounds
The rates stays low, even years after the recession. Is this the new normal or a bad sign for the economy? (05/26/2016)

Dispatch, Ep 17: Game of Thrones recap readers, unite!
Let's take a trip into the wonderful world of TV recaps. (05/26/2016)

The key economic issues on the G7 summit agenda
This week's G7 summit, the dwindling number of bank jobs, and the consequences of 'Finding Dory's' release. (05/26/2016)

Candidates and parties join to solicit bigger checks
A legal change since the last election paved the way for even larger donations. (05/26/2016)

Trump talks energy in anxious oil country
In North Dakota, oil workers worry about low prices and rising pressure from climate change. (05/26/2016)

S01-3: What's love (styles) got to do with it?
This is your state on welfare. (05/26/2016)

The business of backing other people's lawsuits for profit
Investors pay a lawsuit's costs with the goal of sharing in a judgment. (05/26/2016)

Single women’s homes are worth less than men’s
What’s more is it’s a gap that widens over time. (05/26/2016)

Bank jobs and branches in decline
There will 800,000 fewer bank jobs in the U.S. by 2025, according to a Citigroup report. (05/26/2016)

HSN goes down the rabbit hole for new Disney movie
HSN is pairing up with Disney. Get ready for microfiber sheet sets and bejeweled Mad Hatter pins. (05/26/2016)

Could 'Finding Dory' hurt the world's reefs?
Many fear there'll be high demand for blue tangs, which are caught in tropical waters. (05/26/2016)

The Internet is just "the internet" now
The New York Times and Associated Press won't capitalize it anymore. (05/25/2016)

How refugees are resettled in the U.S.
Thousands of refugees have relocated to the United States. Where are they ending up? (05/25/2016)

Silicon Valley is under a harsh spotlight
The tech industry's top names come under scrutiny. (05/25/2016)

Hewlett-Packard is spinning off its spin-off
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise is selling off its services arm. (05/25/2016)

Kids won’t eat their apples? Try slicing them
Researchers from Cornell University found slicing apples boosts consumption by 70 percent. (05/25/2016)

The Kills take the Marketplace Quiz
The Kills reflect on the fear of starting a band and why you should really own a passport. (05/25/2016)

EPA getting authority to review chemicals for safety
A bill passed by the House would be the first major environmental law in 25 years. (05/25/2016)

Does the world need more podcasts?
Producer Jenna Weiss Berman bets "yes." (05/25/2016)

Hewlett Packard is selling its technology services division
Hewlett Packard, Costco's decision to use Visa, and Arabic lessons from Syrian refugees. (05/25/2016)

A startup sparks conversations with Syrian refugees
NaTakallam pairs students studying Arabic with native speakers who need work. (05/25/2016)

Cuban migrants scramble to claim special status in US
Some worry — others hope — improving ties with US may change special privileges. (05/25/2016)

Full interview: ProPublica's Julia Angwin on biased sentencing algorithms
Looking at the racial bias of algorithms. (05/25/2016)

Costco braces for its breakup with American Express
The warehouse retailer will accept only Visa come June, then bump membership fees. (05/25/2016)

New salary survey still finds few women in CEO ranks
Of 324 CEOs surveyed, just 17 were women. (05/25/2016)

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