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Public radio's only national series about the global economy and finance takes a broad view of business, covering any story related to money — most of the world's stories are. Hosted by Kai Ryssdal.

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Writers on Water: Tiphanie Yanique
The author was born in the U.S. Virgin Islands and water remains at the center of her work

Waiting for a big break in Germany's new economy
How do you make it in Germany? One waitress shares her story.

What happens at Netflix when House of Cards goes live
A dispatch from the Netflix war room during last season's launch.

Your Wallet: What's broken in your community?
Talk to us the way you might in a town hall.

John Boehner doesn't congressmen wearing jeans
During a dress code reminder the Speaker told lawmakers, "You know who you are."

Fun Fact Friday: It's a soupy mess
We discuss the week that was and highlight a few fun facts from the week in news.

Tallying the economic winners of the status quo
There is a cost to gridlock, but there are also economic winners.

Record industry fights piracy with new global release day
You may not know it, but different countries used to have different release days for new albums.

What net neutrality might mean for 'House of Cards'
The FCC will watch for glitches, but keeping up with demand is the real test.

Tech IRL: Is the Snapchat party over?
Lizzie talks with Marketplace Tech producer Meg Cramer about Snapchat.

PODCAST: Purifying water
A slower growth for the economy, credit cards get more secure, and purifying water in D.C. makes money

Fraud-resistant credit cards are a long time coming
Only 1/3 of U.S. credit-card holders have fraud-resistant microchip-enabled cards

Silicon Tally: Frankincense, Apple watch, and Myrrh
How well have you kept up with the week in tech news?

Cities and counties rely on Homeland Security dollars
Local governments are watching the impasse over Homeland Security funding.

How to turn sewage into a product people want
DC Water considers sewage a natural resource it can convert to a profitable product

Why U.S. banks are keeping an eye on Cuba talks
U.S. and Cuban negotiators will meet in Washington Friday.

Some people are actually paying for Netflix
Here are the numbers we're reading and watching for Friday.

Betting against Warren Buffett
Ted Seides can.

Why can't YouTube turn a profit?
It's all but the default for online video, but that means no margins.

Why inflation is the new variable to watch
With employment and salaries improving, policymakers are focusing on inflation

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