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Public radio's only national series about the global economy and finance takes a broad view of business, covering any story related to money — most of the world's stories are. Hosted by Kai Ryssdal.

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How social media can divert you around travel hassles
Tweets can help you get the last seat on the next flight out.

PODCAST: Is the U.S. in OPEC now?
Plus: Tweeting to skip delays at the airport and staying secure on Cyber Monday.

Quiz: Prepping for college in middle school
How kids perform in early grades could shape their path to college

Silicon Tally: Mr. Roboto
How well have you been following this week's tech news?

Encyclopaedia Britannica takes stock of a new strategy
Britannica has moved away from books and toward free content on the web.

Connecting your online self to your offline self
Retailers are using what they learn online to sell you stuff in the store.

The annual Turkey pardon, demystified
Every year at this time, the president of the United States, leader of the free world, participates in a truly bizarre political ritual.

The underdog of contrived shopping holidays
This weekend, don't forget about Small Business Saturday.

PODCAST: EU pushes Google break-up

What's the best day to shop for holiday bargains?
Hint: Soon.

OPEC is stuck between lots of oil and a hard place
With oil prices falling, the group will have to give up market share or profits.

EU votes to push Google break-up
Lawmakers say Google shouldn't promote its own services in search results.

Keeping everyone fed over the holidays isn't easy
This time of year brings a surge of donations and demand to food pantries.

Why is it called 'Black Friday'?
You've probably heard it's the day businesses finally make a profit. Nope.

A video tour of Ferguson, Missouri
Driving from one end of the town to the other provides some perspective on where protests are taking place.

Market forces catch up to OPEC
Changes in global supply and demand have weakened OPEC's influence in the market.

Holiday drinks: A mix of science and clever marketing
Here's why you crave that pumpkin spice latte and other "holidays in a glass."

How EPA weighs costs, benefits of air pollution regulation
Agency is forbidden from taking costs into account when writing rules like one proposed this week that would lower amount of smog-causing ozone allowed in the air.

On Turkey Day eve, have we reached peak chicken?
Some traders are betting that stock in American chicken producers can only go down from here.

John Deere doesn't expect it to be a happy new year
Crop prices have fallen, so Deere & Co. predicts farmers will buy less equipment.

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