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Public radio's only national series about the global economy and finance takes a broad view of business, covering any story related to money — most of the world's stories are. Hosted by Kai Ryssdal.

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How an oil rush made LA the city it is today
After first oil well was drilled in 1892, derricks became a symbol of Los Angeles.

Lower gas prices, but spending stuck in neutral
Many people don't believe the low prices will last.

The future of oil and gas after the boom
The price of oil is dropping. Good news or bad news?

6,000 uses for petroleum – and counting
Maybe we should be asking what isn't made from a barrel of oil.

Cuba's open doors don't mean open for business
Despite thawing U.S.-Cuba relations, full-blown business opportunities are largely years away.

How the oil boom woke up a Texas town
Kai talks with Adrian DeLeon, the mayor of Carrizo Springs, Texas.

A circular argument: How cheap oil affects tire prices
If oil prices fall, will tires cost less? The answers are far from black and white.

Farmers feel ripple effects of the oil boom
Kai Ryssdal talks to commercial grain farmer Curt Mowery.

Oil prices scrape bottom of the barrel
Most of the cost of oil can be attributed to exploration, drilling and pumping.

Quiz: The art of the academic turnaround
Low-performing schools weigh in on how they try to improve.

PODCAST: The Sony cancellation
Vagueness from the Fed, the Sony cancellation, and farmworkers use tech for better wages.

Leading indicators released for the month
Unlike lagging indicators, these give us a snapshot of the economy as it stands.

Nike earnings: Wall Street and Sneakerheads weigh in
The street vs. Wall Street on Nike

Cellphones bring new leverage for farm workers
Workers in Washington state apple orchards use phones to find best-paying jobs.

Your move, Netflix
The numbers we're reading and watching for Thursday.

Sony cancels 'The Interview'
After a crippling hack and terroristic threats, Sony has scrapped the comedy.

Russian journalists try to thwart Kremlin censorship
A group of Russian journalists decamps to Latvia to strike a blow for press freedom.

New York is first state to ban fracking
Kai sits down with Marketplace's Scott Tong to talk fracking.

Why law school enrollment is way down
Technology helps create a tight job market for young lawyers.

Now that’s an unexpected energy boost. (Thanks, Cuba)
Investors confuse the Cuba Energy Company with the country.

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