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Public radio's only national series about the global economy and finance takes a broad view of business, covering any story related to money — most of the world's stories are. Hosted by Kai Ryssdal.

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Weekly Wrap: Forget a jobless recovery, this is the growthless recovery
Plus, Hillary Clinton's convention speech and counting the decades until the next rate hike. (07/29/2016)

Sharknado and its low budget success
How is it still a thing? (07/29/2016)

Facing job discrimination without legal protection
LGBTQ people, especially trans people of color, are more likely to be poor. (07/29/2016)

ExxonMobil's profits fall further
The company's petrochemicals business helped keep it in the black as oil prices stayed low. (07/29/2016)

In mobile advertising, Google and Facebook are king
Google and Facebook's strong earnings are powered by a surge in mobile advertising (07/29/2016)

Help Wanted: beer historian
The Smithsonian Institution is hiring a beer historian and the gig comes with a $65,000 paycheck. (07/29/2016)

Let’s do the numbers: The Harry Potter empire
The latest Harry Potter book is about to hit the streets, so we're checking on the ever-growing franchise. (07/29/2016)

White House photographer Pete Souza takes the Marketplace Quiz
The official photographer for Presidents Obama and Reagan takes our money and work inspired questionnaire. (07/29/2016)

An $8 million balloon is the highlight of Olympics security
Surveillance security is taking to the skies. (07/29/2016)

Why party platforms still matter in an election
What are the economic issues in the GOP and Democrats’ policy roadmaps and why should voters care? (07/29/2016)

Britain's minister of aviation planning a crackdown on drunken passengers
U.S. GDP, a new MTV channel with '90s favorites, millennials living at home with their parents, and airport debauchery. (07/29/2016)

Welcome to the war of inflatable pool toys
For BigMouth Inc., this season has meant lots of summertime sadness. (07/29/2016)

GDP numbers fall short of predictions, but does it matter?
The country's GDP grew 1.2 percent. (07/29/2016)

Goosebumps and tears on Hillary Clinton's big night
Delegates talk about their impressions of the Democratic National Convention's final night. (07/29/2016)

Nostalgia and Butthead: MTV airs new Classic channel
Thirty-five years after it began, MTV is re-airing 90s shows and music to woo viewers. (07/29/2016)

High rents are keeping young adults home with parents
With sky-high rents, how do young adults save enough to leave home? Most don’t. (07/29/2016)

Fishermen in Mexican town protest development of new resort
The resort has permits to build more than 4,000 new homes. (07/29/2016)

Egypt asks for IMF loan to help struggling economy
The government hopes to shore up its liquidity problem and stabilize the currency. (07/29/2016)

Full Interview: Can you Kickstart job growth?
Kickstarter CEO Yancey Strickler on the economic impact of the platform. (07/29/2016)

Chelsea Clinton could be a new kind of first daughter
What will her role be if her mother becomes president? Only one thing is for sure: she’s not moving back in with her parents. (07/28/2016)

TPP galvanizes voters, divides both parties
How did a complicated, arcane international trade deal become a defining issue in the 2016 election? (07/28/2016)

Conventions are go-time for lobbyists and advocates
With so many influencers in one spot, they're a great way to spread your message (07/28/2016)

States debut retirement funds as savings crisis looms
Connecticut and Maryland are the latest to pass bills creating their own investment tools (07/28/2016)

Boeing may retire the 747
The iconic jumbo jet may finally phase out (07/28/2016)

Twitter's caught between a rock and a censorship place
Policing content is a messy, slippery slope. But Twitter's hiding should be over. (07/28/2016)

Having Uber may not cut down on drunk driving after all
The company claims to reduce DUIs, but a new study found ride-sharing has no impact on drunk driving. (07/28/2016)

Hollywood updates its image of women on Wall Street
An unusual new movie has the untold story of a powerful female banker (07/28/2016)

How new CFPB proposals may affect the way debt collectors contact you
Less annoying phone calls? (07/28/2016)

Will the Fed raise interest rates in September?
Uncertainty over the next interest rate hike, the hack against the DNC, and media censorship in Turkey. (07/28/2016)

"Last Chance U" saves footballers with no other options
A new Netflix series profiles a program where struggling athletes dream of going pro (07/28/2016)

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