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Public radio's only national series about the global economy and finance takes a broad view of business, covering any story related to money — most of the world's stories are. Hosted by Kai Ryssdal.

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As numbers of homeless kids rise, resources fall short
The government's definition of homelessness omits most children without homes.

The Koch brothers' $900 million warchest
The brothers vow to raise nearly a billion dollars from a few hundred people.

That article you're reading might just be an ad
Conde Nast is joining the trend towards increased native advertising.

How big banks turned prisons into profit centers
Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase have certain banking services on lockdown.

Alibaba wants to give credit where credit is due
The numbers we're reading and watching for Wednesday.

Tell us what the economy feels like to you
There's a lot of talk about how the economy is improving. We want your story.

Looking for meaning in a fractional gas price increase
For first time in four months, an average gallon goes up – from $2.033 to $2.038.

Doing the numbers on the Northeast's snowstorm
What is the productivity cost of a city-wide shutdown? Who knows.

Hate performance reviews? So does human resources
More companies are ditching the practice in favor of ongoing feedback.

Telecommuting is killing the snow day
People working from home help keep storm's cost down to relatively low $500 million.

What goes into the 'durable goods index'
Long-lasting goods are one way to measure health of U.S. manufacturing sector.

How a strong dollar can be a corporate weakness
Multinational corporations can be hurt when profits are "lost in translation."

Koch brothers' 2016 war chest is $889 million
They are funding a network of political groups gearing up to influence election.

Quiz: States pick up the tab for preschool
All but six states funded local pre-K programs in 2014-2015.

Net neutrality: Whole lot of drama in those two words
Here's what the term means and why Americans are lobbying the FCC to keep the policy in place.

PODCAST: Preparing for a power outage
Microsoft stock tumbles, an update on the steel industry, and backup generators in the U.S.

Aging power grid has more turning to generators
An estimated 7 percent of new homes come with a backup generator.

U.S. steel makers face challenges to profits
Foreign competition and a decline in oil drilling counter a strong U.S. economy.

Is your medical information safe at Target?
The growth of retail clinics is raising concerns about safeguarding patient data.

Mortgage program rates due to reset this year
What will it mean for homeowners?

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