Sunday, June 25, 2017

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The Jazz Image

The Jazz ImageTM

with Leigh Kamman
The Jazz Image for June 17, 2006

9 p.m.
Once I Loved // The Falconaires (with Bill Watrous) // A Touch of Jobim

Happiness Is Just a Thing Called Joe; Sweet and Lovely; Mack the Knife // Erroll Garner // Dreamstreet & One World Concert

Monks Mood // Frank Morgan // Reflections

Moose the Mooche // Charlie Parker // Best of the Complete Savoy & Dial Studio Recordings

Ill Be Around // Frank Morgan // Reflections

Ring A Ding Ding // John Pizzarelli // Dear Mr. Sinatra

10 p.m.
If You Never Come to Me // The Falconaires w/ Bill Watrous // A Touch of Jobim

Green House; Run for Your Life // Yellowjackets // Twenty Five

Stockholm Sweetnin; Swingin the Blues; I Cant Give You Anything But Love // Connie Evingson // Stockholm Sweetnin

One OClock Jump // Bob Mintzer Big Band // Bob Mintzer Big Band Live at MCG

11 p.m.
Chega De Saudade // The Falconaires w/ Bill Watrous // A Touch of Jobim

Something Happens to Me; The Eagle and Me; I Got It Bad and That Aint Good; Our Love Is Here to Stay // Shirley Horn // I Thought About You

Solar // Frank Morgan // Reflections

The Girls In Love (excerpt) // Hilton Ruiz // Island Eyes // TropiJazz 82042

Rosetta (excerpt) // John Hicks // Fatha's Day: An Earl Hines Songbook // HighNote 7110

Crazy He Calls Me (excerpt) // Frank Morgan // Reflections

Dont Forget to Smile // Mose Allison // The Best of Mose Allison

12 a.m.
Dindi // The Falconaires w/ Bill Watrous // A Touch of Jobim

Its Freedom // Duke Ellington // Second Sacred Concert

Simple Complex; Jolie // Jon Weber // Simple Complex

Stolen Moments // Oliver Nelson // House That Trane Built: Story of Impulse Records

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