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The Jazz Image

The Jazz ImageTM

with Leigh Kamman
The Jazz Image for September 10, 2005
9 p.m.
Ice Cream // George Lewis // Jazz Funeral in New Orleans // Tradition TCD 1049

Introduction; Chicken and Dumplings; Interlude; Smokin' with Some Barbecue; St. James Infirmary Blues // Kermit Ruffins // The Barbecue Swingers Live // Basin Street Records 0101

Ole Miss // Doc Evans, Knocky Parker, Albert Nicholas or Omer Simeon, Earl Murphy, Gene Juckem // Stomps and Blues // Jazzology & GHB Rec

Jazzology 195 As You Like It // Papa Celestin // Jazz Classics in Digital Stereo Vol. 1: New Orleans // ABC Records 836 180

10 p.m.
Down By the Riverside // George Lewis // Jazz Funeral in New Orleans // Tradition TCD 1049

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot; Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone; Pennies from Heaven; Deed I Do; Darktown Strutter's Ball // The Mouldy Figs // Don't Trust Any Band Under 30 // Figs Ltd

When You're Smiling // JazzMn Big Band with Irv Williams // JazzMn Big Band // Artegra

My Feet Can't Fail Me Now (excerpts) // The Dirty Dozen Brass Band // This Is The Dirty Dozen Dozen Brass Band // Shout! Factory DK 31782

1968 // Bill Frisell // Unspeakable // Nonesuch

11 p.m.
Burgundy Street Blues // George Lewis (with Monette Moore) // Jazz Funeral in New Orleans // Tradition 1049

Caledonia; Brown Skin Girl; Ice Cream Freezer; The Breaks; Baby What You Want Me To Do; Paul Barbarin's Second Line // various artists // 10th Anniversary New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival // Flying Fish 70099

Alligator Crawl // Louis Armstrong's Hot 7 // Jazz Classics in Digital Stereo Vol. 1: New Orleans // BBC CD 588

Apex Blues // Jimmy Noone // The Apex of New Orleans Jazz // ASV AJA 5235

Stardust // Doc Cheatham, Nicholas Payton // Doc Cheatham & Nicholas Payton // Verve 314 537 062

12 a.m.
Just A Closer Walk With Thee // George Lewis // Jazz Funeral In New Orleans // Tradition 1049

Bourbon Street Parade; Shake It and Break It; The Mooche; St. James Infirmary Blues // Southside Aces // KGC Records

Swing, Brother, Swing // Blackburn-Balluff Creole Four // Doobooloo // B43

Goin' Down to New Orleans // Blackburn-Balluff Creole Four // Creole Love Songs // B42

The Perfect Rag; Mamie's Blues; The Naked Dance; New Orleans Joys // Butch Thompson // New Orleans Joys // Daring 3001

1 a.m.
Concierto de Aranjuez // Jim Hall // Concierto // CTI ZK 65132

Down for Double // Lambert, Hendricks & Ross // Sing a Song of Basie // Impulse GRD-112

Cloudburst // Lambert, Hendricks & Ross // The Best of Lambert, Hendricks & Ross // Rhino R2 70328

It's All Right to Be Afraid // Blossom Dearie // Daffodil Records

Concierto de Aranjuez // The L.A. Four // Concierto de Aranjuez // Concord Jazz 4018