Saturday, April 21, 2018

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The Jazz Image

The Jazz ImageTM

with Leigh Kamman
A Jazz Starter Kit

Jazz From Traditional to Swing
New Orleans, Kansas City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York

All audio materials should be available through the Public Radio Market®, most record stores, The Smithsonian Institution, and some public libraries.

  1. Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz (RD 033-1-5)
  2. Smithsonian Big Band Jazz (RD 030)
  3. Smithsonian Big Band Renaissance (RD 108)
  4. Smithsonian Jazz Piano (RD 108)
  5. Riverside History of Classic Jazz (Fantasy/Riverside VDJ 712-1575)
  6. 50 Years of Jazz Guitar (Sony Special Products W 2K 75057 WK 75039)

The videos listed with an asterisk (*) can be ordered from Jamey Aebersold Jazz Inc., P.O. Box 1244C, New Albany, IN 47151-1224 (800-456-1388).

  1. New Orleans: 'Til the Butcher Cuts Him Down (A33)*
  2. Duke and His Orchestra 1929-1941 (A 114)*
  3. Louis Armstrong: Stockholm 1962 (A 326)*


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  2. Blesh, Rudi. Shining Trumpets, A History of Jazz. 2nd Edition. Da Dapo Press, NewYork, 1975.
  3. Blesh Rudi, and Harriet Janis. They All Played Ragtime. 4th Edition. Oak Publications, New York, 1971.
  4. Gottlieb, Robert, editor. Reading Jazz from 1919 to Now. Pantheon Books, New York, 1996.
  5. Schuller, Guther. Early Jazz: Its Roots and Musical Development. Oxford University Press, New York, 1968.

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