Monday, June 26, 2017

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The Jazz Image

The Jazz ImageTM

with Leigh Kamman
A Jazz Starter Kit

Jazz Roots in the Blues
Country and Urban

All audio materials should be available through the Public Radio MusicSource ®, most record stores, The Smithsonian Institution, and some public libraries.

  1. Bessie Smith: Jazz Classics in Digital Stereo (BBC CD 602)
  2. Jon Hendricks: Evolution of the Blues Song (Sony Special Products WK 75069)
  3. The Beauty of the Blues: Roots 'N' Blues (Columbia CK 47465)
  4. The Roots of Robert Johnson (Yazoo C2K 46222)

The videos listed with an asterisk (*) can be ordered from Jamey Aebersold Jazz Inc., P.O. Box 1244C, New Albany, IN 47151-1224 (800-456-1388).

  1. Big Joe Turner: The English Concert (A 324)*
  2. Last of the Blue Devils (A23)*
  3. Land Where the Blues Began (PBS 261) (Order from Pacific Arts, Dept 901 800-441-2828)


  1. Albertson, Chris. Bessie, Stein and Day. New York, 1972.
  2. Broadcast Music, Inc. Five Decades of Rhythm and Blues. Broadcast Music, Inc., New York, 1969.
  3. Charters, Samuel. The Blues Makers. Da Capo Press, New York, 1991.
  4. Lomax, Alan. The Land Where the Blues Began. Pantheon Books, New York, 1993.
  5. Oliver, Paul. Aspects of the Blues Tradition. Pantheon Books NewYork, 1993.
  6. Murray, Albert. Stompin' the Blues. McGraw Hill, New York, 1976.

On to Jazz From Traditional to Swing

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