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12/21/2008: "Story Slam: Festive Indigestion"

Our first ever holiday Story Slam, from the Lab Theater in Minneapolis. Featuring stories from Allegra Lingo, Hy Berman, Dave Mondy, Craig Peterson, Rik Reppe, El Guante, Ci Ci Cooper, and Rob Callahan. Plus new songs from Jeff and The Smarts.
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8/24/2008: "Story Slam (at the State Fair): Taking Sides"

You can't ask for more than a great crowd, a balmy day, and some of the best storytellers in the Twin Cities. Recorded at the Minnesota Public Radio booth on August 23, broadcast August 24, 2008. The final broadcast version of the Slam features Curt Lund, Katherine Glover, Linda Lee, Gabe Heller, Dawn Broady, Diego Vasquez, Holly Davis, Allegra Lingo and Sarah Martin, along with new songs from Jeff Horwich and The Smarts.
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8/3/2008: "Story Slam: Tightening the Belt"

Another awesome turnout -- storytellers and audience alike -- at the Bedlam Theater in Minneapolis. The broadcast features stories from Gabe Heller, Rick Burgsteiner, Lucie Amundsen, Dave Mondy, Cindy Davis, Joseph Scrimshaw, Allan Staples, and Vicki Joan Keck. The show also features a mini-rock-opera by the Smarts on the state of the economy, and an original tune from Jeff based upon stories from the Dorothy Day Center.
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5/4/2008: "Story Slam: Achilles' Heel"

This rip-roaring Story Slam from the Bedlam Theater features stories from Laura Bidgood, Lucie Amundsen, Bobby Wilson, Sarah Martin, Anton Jones, Kathleen Westgard, and Gabe Heller -- along with new music from Jeff Horwich and The Smarts.
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4/15/2008: How is the 2008 election playing in Indian Country (an ITL conversation)

We've already heard plenty, and we're sure to hear more, about how the black vote, the Hispanic vote, the Boomer vote, and the youth vote will affect this year's election. "In The Loop" host Jeff Horwich invited a panel of engaged American Indians from various tribes and political backgrounds to talk with us about what candidates, issues, and themes are resonating in their communities.
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3/25/2008: "Beat The Odds:" A special In The Loop conversation

A conversation with three remarkable young people. Every year Children's Defense Fund Minnesota gives its Beat The Odds scholarship to high school seniors who have overcome exceptional challenges. Fadumo Hassan, Justin Haynes McKizzie, and Maipacher Her joined Jeff Horwich for a conversation about growing up through the most difficult of circumstances.
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3/2/2008: "Story Slam IV: PAYBACK!"

An amazing night at the Bedlam Theater in Minneapolis. Storytellers brought their A-Game, with tales from the political to the personal, raucus to heart-rending. Features stories from Mike Fotis, Amy Salloway, Talee Vang, Katherine Glover, Gabe Heller, Nancy Donoval, Kate Mudge, and Lane McKiernan. With special appearances by a witch, a kidney, a Senate candidate, and Alanis Morissette. Of course, there a couple boffo tunes from Jeff and The Smarts...
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1/29/2008: ITL "Super Tuesday" Young Voters Forum

With "Super Tuesday" around the corner, we got listeners together to dig into what younger voters make of this election...and added our usual touches of humor and music...
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12/13/2007: "The Year According to You"

'Tis the season...for the Year in Review. You know the deal. News shows, newspapers and magazines highlight the big moments of the past year. For this episode, In The Loop turns the tradition on its head with an hour full of stories suggested by our network of listeners. It's the year in review you won't hear anywhere else....
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12/06/2007: "Finding Your Fit"

Fitting-in is a challenge we all of face. For many people, the effort to fit-in defines them. How far will we go to change ourselves just to fit in? How much help do we offer people who struggle to find their place? And what happens if nowhere fits you? ....
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11/30/2007: "Flip-Flop Fever"

With primary season just weeks away, the politicos and pundits are on the watch for the dreaded "flip-flop." In The Loop goes political with an informative, sometimes irreverant, look at that toxic phrase...
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11/18/2007: "Charity - What Gives?"

The U.S. is number one in world rankings of charitable giving. In particular, we give lots to our communities, places of worship, and cultural institutions. In The Loop digs behind that generous number to look at the trends of who gives and who gets...
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11/09/2007: "Bullying for Grown-Ups"

Bullying doesn't stop just because we turn 18 years old. Those demoralizing power dynamics are every bit a part of our adult lives but adults don't always spot bullying for what it is...
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11/02/2007: "Why Am I Spending So Much?"

There's a big difference between what we want and what we need—and these days want is definitely winning. Spending on the little stuff—those small-ticket items we can't seem to resist—can be so satisfying....
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10/28/2007: "Story Slam III - Disguise"

Every now and again, In The Loop goes slamming instead of producing a regular show. Our third Story Slam happened in front of a big crowd at the Suburban World Theatre in Minneapolis. The theme: Disguise...
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10/21/2007: "Democracy - Is It In You?"

Democracy is pretty darn appealing as a solution to the world’s problems. The idea of giving everyone an equal say sure feels good in theory but how often do we put it into practice? And how does Elmo fit into it? ...
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10/14/2007: "Your Exposed Life"

Love it or hate it, the internet is messing with our sense of identity. Just a few minutes spent online shows how much of our personal tastes and history - our identities - are laid out for all the world to see...
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10/07/2007: "Best of Season One"

A collection of greatest hits from the past ten episodes. There's the song of a tax auditor, the story of two buddies and a mugging, George Bush and Nancy Pelosi work on their relationship skills, and much
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9/23/2007: "Story Slam II: Losing"

Our second-ever Story Slam, recorded live at the Bryant Lake Bowl.  Our storytellers cut lose on the theme of "losing"...
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7/21/2007: "Story Slam: Escape"

A special episode of In The Loop: Our first ever "Story Slam." We set the theme, brought along the band, and set up a mic at the Bryant Lake Bowl theater in Minneapolis...
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6/29/2007: "Getting By and Getting Out: In The Loop from Dorothy Day"

In The Loop takes our show a few blocks down the road to the Dorothy Day Center, a homeless shelter in downtown St. Paul. With musicians, poets, and many voices from that community, we explore the challenge of getting by on the streets and the ultimate goal of getting out...
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5/18/2007: "What I really learned in school"

Reading, writing, and 'rithmetic? Come on! We travel from the early 1900's to a modern-day middle-school lunchroom to explore what lessons are really being taught in schools...
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4/20/2007: "To take a stand"

All about how we decide to get involved, stick our necks out, and put ourselves on the line for the things we believe in....
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3/23/2007: "Are You Your Job?"

Does your job define who you are? A huge portion of our lives is governed by the work we do to pay the bills, and Americans work harder than almost anyone in the world. Do we let our jobs define us?...
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2/16/2007: "Getting Past Green"

This time we take up the battle inside our brains over saving the environment: We all know what to do; In the Loop looks at why we still don't do it....
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1/19/2007: "Digital Divides"

This time we explore how modern technology can shake up our relationships. On the agenda: A conversation with the real experts on MySpace and texting, stand-up comedy from Amy Hyatt-Blat, new songs from The Smarts and host Jeff Horwich...
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12/22/2006: "Lighting up the Holidays"

Like a string of lights on a timer, our society is on autopilot when it comes to lighting up the holidays. We do it year after year, at our homes, offices, airports, parks, malls...never really asking: Why does it feel so good? Are we Americans alone in our light fixation?...
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11/17/2006: "Diplomacy begins at home"

We're excited about this show -- great interviews, some sweet music from "The Smarts," and our usual dashes of humor along the way...
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10/20/2006: "Voting and its Discontents"

It's a take on election-season unlike much of anything else you'll hear. And - in the words of one reviewer - it's "a hoot"...
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9/22/2006: "Crime Hits home"

Kids on crime, North Minneapolis Poetry from inside Stillwater state pen, and local station KRYM goes "All Crime, All The Time"...
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5/12/2006: "Crossing Borders"

For the very first time, we "performed" the show before an audience of 75 people in Minnesota Public Radio's spacious new studio, "The Forum" Our topic for the first live "Loop:" the immigration debate...
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12/22/2005: "The Loop gets all sentimental on you"

This time, we seek out the sentiments of the season in some unusual places -- dumpster, third grade classroom, Romanian barn, you get the idea...
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9/30/2005: "From here to there"

Planes, trains and Hummers...more >

7/29/2005: "LISTEN to the Loop"

The first ever episode of In The Loop from Minnesota Public Radio...
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