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Last Tune: You Had a Good Run

Built our last In The Loop song from that phrase Sanden and I heard many, many times over the past two weeks. As I said on the podcast, you can feel patronized...or you can embrace it and feel better. This...

The. Last. Show.

Time to call it, Doctor. Download MP3 (audio help) Featuring an interview with a South Pole blogger, a chat with the famous "Marc in Paris," podcasting wisdom from Sanden, a final song from Jeff, plus lots of Loop-love and a...

In The Loop is ending. (There, I said it.)

Could I ramble unproductively about this? You bet! So here's a handy FAQ to keep things under control: Q:'re really ending? When? A: We'll do one more show, probably coming out around March 19. Q: What??? WHY??? A: There's...


Fire away: What should we look into?


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A shout-out to Iran:
Not Easy Bein' know.

Loneliest man in the GOP:
The Ballad of Joe Cao

Filibuster king Jim Bunning:
A Hold on My Heart

Lyrics by Tiger Woods

Fanboy's delight:
An iPad iSong

A musical crash-course:
Obama's 2011 Budget

Illegit, but he's the best we git:
He's Karzai!

CEO Perks:
Good Year Up On Top

The chairman's renominated:
B-B-Bernanke & The Fed

Daring North Korea rescue:

For Sonia:
Wise Latina Woman

Guantanamo Uighur Resettlement:
Island Uighur Welcome Song!

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