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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Snow plowSnow ending, cold moving in overnight
    Most of southern Minnesota and the Twin Cities metro area will experience sub-zero temperatures overnight, as residents continue to dig out of the first snowstorm of the season.5:20 p.m.
  • HCMCHCMC struggles with budget choices
    The Hennepin County Medical Center stands to lose more than $90 million over the next two years, since the state eliminated funding for the General Assistance Medical Care program. The hospital is struggling to figure out how it will keep treating its patients.5:24 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Tea Party Activists Harness Anger To Push Message
    Ten months after the Tea Party movement formed, organizers are trying to figure out how best to capture the angry energy that has fueled their protests. In Dallas, the local party is trying to locate like-minded, fiscally conservative people, educate them about future candidates — and make sure they get to the polls.
  • Geithner Extends Bailout Until Next Fall
    Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is extending the controversial $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program through October of next year. In a letter to congressional leaders, Geithner said TARP is still needed to provide capital to small businesses and banks and to provide foreclosure relief to struggling homeowners.
  • Britain Imposes Massive Tax On Bonuses
    The British government imposed a 50 percent tax on large year-end bonuses being paid to bankers. The ruling Labour Party is doing badly in the polls, and many observers see the tax as a populist move intended to attract votes.
  • Poor Disproportionately Hit By Economic Crisis
    In times of economic distress, bankers get bailouts and the middle class gets a stimulus. And the poor? In this recession, the social safety net that was to be the ultimate protection of the unfortunate lies in tatters.
  • In Oslo Speech, Obama Must Sidestep Land Mines
    The stakes are considered low for President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech Thursday. But it's still a tricky proposition for a president who just committed some 30,000 U.S. troops to battle. He'll be feted abroad, even as Americans are squeezed economically at home.
  • U.S. Diplomacy Makes A Call To Tech Support
    The State Department's new adviser on innovation is looking to apply tech-world solutions to global problems. Some of the initiatives: Encouraging Mexicans to use text messaging to report drug violence and finding better ways to protect cellular phone networks in Afghanistan.
  • Sen. Hatch Writes 'Extremely Catchy' Hanukkah Song
    The senior senator from Utah wrote "Eight Days Of Hanukkah" in time for the Jewish holiday that starts Friday night. He did it in collaboration with Atlantic national correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg — who says he's "pleased as punch" Hatch wrote it a decade after Goldberg suggested it.
  • Escobar's Son Seeks Atonement For Father's Sins
    Pablo Escobar was once the world's most wanted man, directing an empire of drugs and murder as leader of Colombia's Medellin cocaine cartel. Sixteen years after his death, his victims' families haven't forgotten about him. Nor has Escobar's only son, whose story is told in a new documentary.
  • San Francisco Pounds Crowded With Chihuahuas
    Animal shelters are scrambling to find homes for the pint-sized pups. A San Francisco Animal Care and Control official blames the economy and the pocket-pet phenomenon.
  • Senate Democrats Near Deal On Health Care
    Senate Democrats may have reached a compromise that could pave the way for passage of a sweeping health care overhaul before Christmas. The package reportedly redefines the public option to allow nonprofit insurers to sell policies regulated by the government, and may include allowing baby boomers to buy into Medicare early.

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