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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

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  • Bush Says Report Doesn't Alter His Views on Iran
    At a White House news conference Tuesday, President Bush faced questions about a new national intelligence report that says Iran halted its program to develop nuclear weapons in 2003. He says Iran is still dangerous, and the report doesn't change his opinions on the country.
  • Comparing Bush's Comments with Iran's Record
    How do President Bush's comments at his Tuesday news conference — and some of the conclusions of the National Intelligence Estimate – compare with the public record on Iran's nuclear ambitions?
  • Democrats at Debate Agree Iran Policy is Flawed
    The Democratic presidential contenders gathered Tuesday in Des Moines, Iowa, for a debate sponsored by NPR and Iowa Public Radio. Seven candidates sparred over policy toward Iran after the new intelligence estimate. They also discussed immigration and relations with China.
  • Court Hears Case on Black Murder Suspect's Jury
    The Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday in a murder case involving a black defendant and a jury from which all of the potential black jurors had been removed. The defendant was convicted and sentenced to death.
  • Ben Stein Rips Goldman Sachs over Subprime Mess
    In a weekend column in the New York Times, TV personality Ben Stein declared the investment bank Goldman Sachs "irresponsible" for selling large quantities of mortgage-backed securities and then "shorting," or betting against them, in the market.
  • Petraeus: Alliances Crucial as Troops Leave Iraq
    The number of Iraqi deaths and attacks on U.S. troops are down after nearly a year of the so-called U.S. troop surge. Gen. David Petraeus reflects on the challenges of locking in security gains — and about the state of political progress in Iraq.
  • Magazine Questions Accuracy of Soldier's Reports
    The New Republic magazine has stated that it will no longer stand by the accuracy of The Baghdad Diarist, a series of reports by a U.S. Army private serving in Iraq who had been writing under a pseudonym. Editors say they are no longer confident that events occurred as the soldier described them.
  • Political Watchdog Checks Texas Governor's E-Mail
    Texas Gov. Rick Perry deletes his e-mails once a week. That means public-records requests for his messages won't get more than seven days' worth. Now, a political watchdog in Wisconsin has started asking for those e-mails twice a week to make sure none get omitted.
  • Mexico Voices Hollywood for Rest of Latin America
    Mexico historically has been the capital for dubbing Hollywood films and TV shows into Spanish for the rest of Latin America. We meet the Spanish voice behind Russell Crowe and some industry heavyweights who say Mexican dubbing gives the rest of Latin America a taste of Mexican culture.
  • Democratic Candidates Join NPR Debate
    Seven Democratic presidential candidates gathered in Des Moines, Iowa, on Tuesday for the NPR News and Iowa Public Radio audio-only debate. We hear highlights of the debate, which covered the topics of Iran, relations with China and immigration.

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