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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

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  • Obama To Outline Afghan Strategy
    President Obama announces Tuesday that he is sending 30,000 new troops to Afghanistan over the next six months, administration sources say. At a speech from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., Obama is expected to also discuss how long he thinks the U.S. mission will last.
  • U.S. Military Prepares To Move Out Of Iraq
    The U.S. military is preparing for its withdrawal from Iraq, and some equipment is already on the move. The timetable is based on President Obama's mandate to have combat troops out of the country by September, and the military's assessment on whether the country is secure enough after national elections next year.
  • Cool Runnings: Jamaican Seeks Iditarod Glory
    Jamaica and Iditarod are not two things you normally hear together. But Newton Marshall of the Jamaican dogsled team aims to change that. This week, Marshall starts training with three-time Iditarod champion Lance Mackey. Mackey says people initially didn't think Marshall had a chance, but he proved everyone wrong.
  • High Court Weighs Student Loan Case
    The Supreme Court on Tuesday heard the case of a young man who — finding himself in dire economic straits — declared bankruptcy on his debts, which included a student loan. Then, 17 years after a court first approved his bankruptcy, the lender contacted him and said that he still owed them money.
  • Letters: Tiger Woods
    Complaints abound for our coverage of Tiger Woods on Monday. Woods announced that he would not be participating in his own golf tournament because of injuries sustained from his early morning car crash last Friday. That crash has spurred rumors about the golf champion's personal life.
  • California Officials Target Big Marijuana Growers
    Since medical marijuana was legalized in California, the illegal side of the business has also exploded. The state is spending millions of dollars to search for and wipe out as much illegal marijuana as they can find. One special agent says the state is targeting the big growers backed by drug cartels of "all races, creeds, colors."
  • Platon's Portraits of Power
    Photographer Platon saw a golden opportunity and seized it. In September, over a five-day period, The New Yorker staff photographer camped out at the United Nations and lured the world's most powerful men and women to pose for him. The result is an impressive display called Portraits of Power.
  • Army Medevac Teams Fight For Afghan Hearts, Minds
    Chief Warrant Officer Jim Drake,a medevac helicopter pilot, flies in the most dangerous conditions to save injured soldiers and Afghans — regardless of what side they're on.
  • Film Puts Spotlight On Green Berets
    The documentary Why We Fight Now tells the story of the Green Berets, the elite Special Forces soldiers whose specialty is counterinsurgency. They're known as the "quiet professionals," but a few years ago their commander decided to make a film about them — and its message is proving to be timely.
  • Examining Obama'S Plans For Afghanistan
    President Obama is gearing up to address the nation Tuesday on how the United States and its allies will proceed in Afghanistan. Michele Norris was among a group of journalists invited to the White House to gain some insight on what Obama will say. She talks to Melissa Block about what she learned.

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