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Thursday, November 22, 2007

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  • New Airport Project Divides Environmental Groups
    Construction on the nation's first new major airport in years is scheduled to begin next month in the Florida panhandle. Located in an ecologically sensitive area, the project has divided environmental groups. It's a case study of why it's so hard to build a new airport.
  • Tourism Agreement Could Create Chinese Deluge
    Last year, more than 34 million Chinese tourists went overseas, but less than 1 percent of them came to the U.S. But an agreement planned between the countries would allow large numbers of Chinese tour groups to head to the United States.
  • Israelis Await Annapolis with Hope, Skepticism
    Five days before the Middle East peace summit in Annapolis, we take a look at how Israelis view the conference, after years of negotiation and conflict with Palestinians. Some Israelis are cautiously optimistic. Others say nothing has changed, and any concessions would damage Israel.
  • Letters: Inclusion Education, Apple's Pet Names
    Even on Thanksgiving, we read from listener's e-mails. This week's comments include differing views on inclusion, the strategy of placing children with disabilities in classrooms. Also, a reminder of cat-related names Apple has used for its operating systems. And one listener's conversion to liking Brussels sprouts.
  • Bailey White: 'The Green Bus'
    Bailey White's annual tradition of Thanksgiving Day stories continues this year with a tale of two modern-day hippies who get just a little too comfortable in the home of a woman who herself was once just like them.
  • Lebanon Tries to Avoid Political Power Vacuum
    In Lebanon, politicians and foreign diplomats have been engaged in last-minute talks, trying to choose a new president and avoid plunging Lebanon into a dangerous political power vacuum. The current Lebanese president is due to step down at midnight Friday.
  • Strategies Decrease Iraq Violence, U.S. Military Says
    The U.S. military says attacks against American and Iraqi troops and civilians have fallen to levels not seen since February 2006. Troop casualties are down and there is some evidence to suggest that life in Baghdad is becoming tolerable in parts of the city.
  • 'Ending' War Means Different Things to Candidates
    All the Democratic presidential candidates say they want to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq. But they differ on how fast this should be done and whether any forces should remain to train Iraqis and go after al-Qaida.
  • Slimming Down Made Huckabee Lean and Mean
    In his final term as Arkansas governor, GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee shed more than 100 pounds. After winning the battle against obesity, he says he's up for anything — including taking on better-funded, higher-polling rivals.
  • At Home in Nashville with Kim Richey
    For many, the Thanksgiving holiday is all about traveling home to be with loved ones, so Melissa Block travels to Nashville to hear the country-inflected singer-songwriter Kim Richey and her band perform songs about home, travel and love.

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