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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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  • Israelis Have Mixed Reaction To Cease-Fire
    Philip Reeves has more on the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas.
  • Gaza Conflict Unites Some Palestinians Behind Hamas
    Residents of Gaza have welcomed the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas that came into effect on Wednesday. The agreement, brokered by the Egyptian government with the help of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, brought an end to eight days of fighting that left more than 140 Palestinians and five Israelis dead. Hamas has welcomed the ceasefire, saying the group had achieved its objectives.
  • What Gaza Says About Possible Iran-Israel Showdown
    The Gaza conflict took the focus off a possible confrontation between Israel and Iran. Israel has threatened to strike Iran over its nuclear program. Some see the Gaza fighting as a trial run, and it has been closely watched for possible military lessons.
  • College Basketball Player Sets Record With 138 Points
    Pros, collegiate athletes and basketball fans are all marveling at Tuesday night's shooting performance by Grinnell College's Jack Taylor. He scored 138 points against Faith Baptist Bible, torching the previous record. He spoke with Robert Siegel.
  • Lance Armstrong And The Business Of Doping
    The story of Lance Armstrong's alleged doping is, in part, the story of an astonishing business enterprise. Here's how it reportedly worked.
  • Through Meditation, Veterans Relearn Compassion
    The epidemic of post-traumatic stress disorder has pushed the VA to explore new and sometimes unorthodox treatments. In one VA facility in Menlo Park, Calif., veterans of current and past wars gather to meditate and break down the shields that combat forced them to hold.
  • Amid Protests, Spain Tries Banning Photos Of Police
    As anti-austerity protests spread around the country, the Spanish government is drafting a law prohibiting citizens from taking photos and video of riot police on the job. Video already released on YouTube shows police firing rubber bullets into crowds and beating demonstrators. The proposed ban on citizen photography seems to have prompted even more people to join protests and take pictures, including 12 year old Paula Carrasco.
  • Parent Over Shoulder: Apps Help Mom Snoop Online, But Should She?
    A new industry of apps is helping parents stay one step ahead of their kids online, monitoring every post, photo and text they send or receive. Some argue this is necessary parental oversight in the modern digital age. Others say it sends the wrong message to kids and can backfire.
  • Samuel Yirga: A Prodigy Reviving Ethiopian Jazz
    The 20-something has had to fight to be himself, and the voice and vision of a distinctive composer shines through in his impressive debut, Guzo.
  • Egypt, U.S. Help Negotiate Cease-Fire In Gaza
    Israel and Hamas have reached an agreement to end more than a week of fighting that killed at least 140 Palestinians and five Israelis. The agreement was brokered by the Egyptian government, assisted by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who spent the day shuttling around the region. Hamas has agreed to shop firing rockets into Israel in return for a loosening of the Israeli blockade of Gaza, and an end to the assassination of Hamas officials. Leila Fadel talks to Robert Siegel.

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