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Monday, November 17, 2008

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  • Job Cuts Show Depth Of Citigroup's Problems
    The banking titan will cut 15 percent of its global staff, which could mean the elimination of more than 50,000 jobs. Citigroup suffered big losses because of the collapse in subprime mortgages. Its efforts to climb out of the hole have been complicated by the economic slowdown.
  • Wall Street Woes Felt In Small N.Y. Town
    The loss of tax revenue from Wall Street is triggering a wave of government cuts in New York state. In Malone, N.Y., those government jobs and services fuel the local economy.
  • Odd Score Goes In NFL History Book
    The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the San Diego Chargers 11-10 Sunday night. It was the first time in NFL history (in more than 12,000 games) that a game ended with that score. Why is the score so rare?
  • New Ratings Help Buyers Scan TV Energy Use
    Energy Star has posted new energy ratings for TVs to help consumers evaluate potential purchases. But an Energy Star listing alone doesn't mean the TV uses less energy. It means the TV is efficient — compared with others in its class.
  • What Is Twitter? And Other Tech Questions
    Last week, All Things Considered launched All Tech Considered. The first segment — about how to scan bar codes and comparison shop with your cell phone — spurred listener questions. Technology expert Omar Gallaga of the Austin American-Statesman answers a few.
  • American In Afghanistan: Troops, Training Needed
    President-elect Obama says the U.S. must refocus on Afghanistan by boosting the number of American troops there and taking other steps. A former NPR reporter with a business in Kandahar begins a series of conversations on Afghanistan.
  • Reputed ETA Military Chief Held In France
    The man authorities say is the military leader of the Basque separatist rebel group ETA — Garikoitz Aspiazu Rubina — is in custody in southwestern France.
  • Letters: Race; Bond Theme Songs
    Listeners weigh in on a series of conversations about race ... and about ranking James Bond theme songs.
  • 'Australia' Endings Go Down To The Wire
    The new Baz Luhrmann film Australia is coming out Nov. 24 ... but it's not clear how it ends. Luhrmann reportedly shot three different endings to the film.
  • Senate Debates Bailout For U.S. Automakers
    Help for the auto industry is a top priority for Democratic leaders, and it was the opening item of business as the U.S. Senate resumed its duties after a six-week break. But many senators appear to be feeling bailout burnout.

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