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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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  • N.Y. Police Clear Out Zuccotti Park
    Occupy Wall Street protesters were evicted in a predawn raid by New York City Police, and the encampment in Zuccotti Park was dismantled.
  • Walker Opponents Collect Signatures For Recall
    From the moment Gov. Scott Walker introduced his plan to curb public employee union bargaining rights, Walker's critics pledged they would recall him from office. Now they'll get their shot. Early Tuesday, Democrats began circulating petitions to try to force a recall election. And they're excited. But Republicans are hoping most people would rather move on.
  • Cain Hesitates When Questioned On Libya
    The Herman Cain campaign is on the defensive Tuesday following a video that shows the candidate grasping and stammering for an answer to a question about Libya. The video was recorded during an interview with editors and reporters of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Melissa Block talks with Craig Gilbert, the newspaper's Washington bureau chief, who was part of the interview.
  • Violence Intensifies In Syria
    Violence is intensifying in Syria, with as many as 70 dead in the past 24 hours. Among the casualties were Syrian army defectors who clashed with government forces near the southern city of Deraa. There was also much bloodshed in the central city of Homs, another hotbed of resistance to the Assad regime.
  • From Crushing Poverty To South Korea's Presidency
    Lee Myung-bak was so poor as a child that he wore his school uniform every day because he had no other clothes. He became a student activist and helped Hyundai become the massive conglomerate it is today. In many ways, Lee's life story — and ultimate success — mirrors that of South Korea.
  • Mark Kelly Tells Of Giffords' 'Courage' In Recovery
    The retired NASA astronaut, who has written the new book Gabby: A Story Of Courage and Hope, goes into detail about his wife Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' recovery since she was shot in the head on Jan. 8. His constant refrain is that she's "improving all of the time."
  • Letters: Eurozone Lifeboat; Buffalo
    Melissa Block reads emails from listeners.
  • Fluoride In Drinking Water? No Thanks, Says Florida County
    Public health officials say the evidence is solid that fluoridated drinking water helps protect teeth. But that hasn't stopped opponents from lobbying local governments against the practice.
  • Pizza As A Vegetable? It Depends On the Sauce
    The U.S. House unveiled a spending bill that would unravel some of the Obama administration's efforts to revamp school lunches. Under the bill, pizza would still count as a vegetable. Nutrition advocates say if the rule stays, it will be a win for industry and a loss for kids.
  • Chu Discusses Solyndra Controversy
    On Thursday, Energy Secretary Steven Chu will answer congressional questioning over the handling of a large federal loan guarantee made to the solar energy company Solyndra. The California-based company was to be the first of many American green technology innovators to receive support from the U.S. government. Two years later, Solyndra went belly-up. Melissa Block speaks with Chu about the scrutiny he is now facing over his support of the company.

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