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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Viena JohnsonHow Duluth became a union town
    Duluth has long been known as a union town. A new book tells the story of how and why. It's called "By the Ore Docks: A Working People's History of Duluth."4:50 p.m.
  • Breathe deepIs Minnesota on the road to universal health care?
    Gov. Tim Pawlenty says Minnesota should use part of its projected budget surplus to provide health insurance to all children in the state. Pawlenty argues his proposal is "a logical next step in this progression towards universal coverage in Minnesota."5:20 p.m.
  • "Pieta"Minnesotan's JFK painting bound for Vatican
    A controversial painting of John F. Kennedy's dying moments is on display at the Cathedral of St. Paul. The unveiling of the painting corresponds with a week-long symposium the church has convened on the Kennedy assassination.5:23 p.m.
  • Flu season is quiet ... so far
    Five weeks into the flu season, there are no reported cases of influenza in Minnesota, and no shortages of flu vaccine.5:48 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Abizaid Briefs Senate Panel on Iraq, Troop Levels
    Gen. John Abizaid tells a Senate panel that the status quo in Iraq is not acceptable. But more U.S. troops might be needed, at least temporarily, to train Iraqi forces, Abizaid said. The general also discouraged calls for a timetable to withdraw.
  • U.S. Forces, Ready to Stand Down, Look for Relief
    The U.S. Army's 4th Infantry Division handed over responsibility for Baghdad to the First Cavalry Division Wednesday, but elsewhere, U.S. commanders are waiting for Iraqi forces to stand up so U.S. forces can stand down. The weakness of Iraqi forces was again demonstrated by the daytime kidnapping of scores of civilians Tuesday.
  • The 'Achievement Gap' Gets Wider, Despite Changes
    New data shows that changes in education policy have not eliminated the gap between test scores of white and affluent kids compared to their classmates. One research group says that education reforms started to narrow the gap in the 1990's, but it finds that the efforts have stalled. It also says federal programs are having no affect.
  • Dodging Medicare Drug Plan Pitfalls
    Now through Dec. 31, seniors can sign up for new Medicare drug coverage or change their existing plan for 2007. But analysts warn that picking the right plan is as confusing as it was last year.
  • Lott Re-Emerges as a Leader of Senate GOP
    Republican senators have elected their leaders, and Trent Lott of Mississippi is going to be their Minority Whip, the body's number-two leadership post. Four years ago, Lott was ousted from his job as Senate Majority Leader because of making racially insensitive remarks. Commentator Jonah Goldberg says that Lott's return is not good for the Republican party.
  • A Wartime Diary Touches Vietnamese
    The publication of a wartime diary written by an idealistic young Vietnamese doctor has captured the imagination of readers, and become a runaway best-seller in the communist country. The diary of Dang Thuy Tram had been found by an American soldier.
  • Anne Frank's Tree Is to Be Cut Down
    The chestnut tree made famous by diarist Anne Frank, who gazed out on it from her hideaway in an attic in Amsterdam, is to be cut down. The tree is in very poor condition, due to an aggressive fungus. We hear about the tree from Patricia Bosboom of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.
  • Teams Work to Decipher Neanderthal DNA
    Two separate teams have begun sequencing the genome of a Neanderthal. The DNA is extracted from fossilized bones. So far, only 1 million of the 3 billion DNA letters of the genome have been sequenced, but the authors say it proves the complete sequence is attainable.
  • Throat Singing And Rock, By Way Of Tuva
    In the Central Asian country of Tuva, Albert Kuvezin leads the band Yat-Kha, who mix traditional Tuvan throat singing with the spirit of rock. Recuperating from an illness, Kuvezin went through the music he loved and found the inspiration for the CD Re-Covers, an album of cover songs that have a distinctly Tuvan twist.
  • U.S. Airways Bids $8 Billion to Take Over Delta
    U.S. Airways announces a proposal to take over Delta Air Lines in a deal worth $8 billion in cash and stock. The new airline would take the Delta name. U.S. Airways is currently in the process of finalizing its merger with America West.

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