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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

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  • U.S. Faces Growing Dilemma over Pakistan Policy
    Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte is on his way to Pakistan, where both U.S. allies — President Gen. Pervez Musharraf and opposition leader Benazir Bhutto — have become increasingly estranged.
  • Anti-Abortion Group Backs Thompson for President
    The National Right to Life committee has endorsed Republican Fred Thompson for president, saying he is the most electable anti-abortion contender. The former Tennessee senator does not support the Human Life Amendment to the constitution, which had been non-negotiable in past endorsements.
  • Mo Rocca Weighs Therapy for Fellow Lisper Giuliani
    Comedian and All Things Considered commentator Mo Rocca and presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani share a special bond. Both of them lisp. Rocca visits a speech therapist to find out how lisps are perceived and what can be done to overcome one.
  • Governments Demanding Bigger Share of Their Oil
    Oil at $100 a barrel means countries with abundant oil reserves are sitting on a lot of wealth. But how much these countries can earn from this oil depends on how much control they have over it.
  • Book: Market Complexity Is at the Root of Crises
    In his book A Demon of Our Own Design, Richard Bookstaber argues that the financial markets have grown so big and complex that understanding the real risk of an investment is nearly impossible and that big crashes like 1987 are almost inevitable.
  • Have Business Schools Strayed from Their Mission?
    At one time, the schools aimed to train a professional class of responsible business leaders to serve society. But some say business schools are now turning out consultants and hedge-fund hotshots obsessed with maximizing quarterly profits.
  • Pakistan's Turmoil Fuels Nuclear Fears
    The magnitude of Pakistan's martial law crackdown suggests a deeper fear — that extremists could take advantage of the chaos to get access to nuclear weapons.
  • New Hampshire Man Fights for Clothesline Rights
    Clotheslines are banned in many communities, but with all of the concern about global climate change and energy prices, Alexander Lee is out to make sure that clotheslines will be welcome in every community in New Hampshire, and the rest of the country.
  • Hummingbird's Trek Ends in Illinois Zoo
    Beloit, Wis., resident Joan Salzberg, discovered a green-breasted mango hummingbird feeding in her backyard. The bird is rarely, if ever, seen north of Mexico. It had clearly lost its way. Thanks to a concerted rescue effort — just in time for winter — the little hummer now calls a Chicago zoo home.
  • Researchers Gauge Mental Health of Iraq Vets
    For several years, doctors have been concerned that many of the troops returning from Iraq suffer mental-health problems but are not seeking help. The problems include post-traumatic stress disorder, alcohol and substance abuse, and depression.

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