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Monday, November 12, 2007

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  • Bhutto-Musharraf Showdown Brewing in Pakistan
    Former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto plans to begin a procession across the country Tuesday to rally support against the emergency rule imposed by President Gen. Pervez Musharraf. But authorities say they will block the march.
  • Pakistan's Imran Khan to Leave Hiding for Protest
    Philanthropist, politician and former cricket superstar Imran Khan has been in hiding since Musharraf declared emergency rule. But Khan hopes to channel the political anger of thousands of students Wednesday when he emerges from hiding to lead a student rally at Punjab University.
  • Immigration Raid Sets Off Tragedy for Mass. Family
    In September, NPR's Claudio Sanchez reported on the fallout from a huge immigration raid in New Bedford, Mass. Sanchez revisits one of the families to hear its tragic story — a husband, deported to Guatemala, returned to the U.S. only to die in his wife's arms.
  • Feds Consider Charges in San Francisco Spill
    Over the weekend, cleanup crews intensified their efforts to mitigate the impact of last week's oil spill in San Francisco Bay. Much of the area's iconic shoreline is covered with a layer of crude. Federal investigators are considering whether to file criminal charges against the freighter's crew.
  • Gore Teams Up with Investors on Green Businesses
    Al Gore, former vice president and Nobel Peace Prize winner, announces that he is becoming a partner in a prominent Silicon Valley venture capital firm that funds and promotes new ways to curb global warming.
  • Soybean Trade Drives Forest Destruction in Brazil
    In Brazil, a fast-growing soybean industry is fueled by demand from Europe and China. But foreign consumers are also pressuring Brazilian farmers to stop clearing tropical forests, a major storehouse of the carbon that contributes to global warming.
  • 'Idol' Meets Gospel on BET's 'Sunday Best'
    Sunday Best is a gospel-music version of American Idol, and it's one of BET's top-rated shows. Which raises the question: How is it possible to judge a performance that's part of someone's spiritual journey?
  • Legendary 3 Tenors of Soul Revive with Style
    For many old-timers, soul music died when its Southern branch floundered at the end of the '60s. But as disco came on, Philadelphia produced a variant of its own, and now one of its sub-genres has been revived in credible fashion by The Legendary 3 Tenors of Soul.
  • Iran, Demand and the Dollar Drive Up Oil Prices
    What's causing record-high oil prices? Tension in the Middle East adds a "security premium" to every barrel of oil, says one oil expert. But oil prices would be high even without that premium because of growing worldwide demand in places like China and India.
  • The Science and Business Behind Oil Prices
    Christopher Joyce explains the science of oil drilling and what the price hike means for oil exploration. Jim Zarroli explains how oil prices will make it more expensive to drive, to buy an airplane ticket, and to manufacture anything from air conditioners to zippers.

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