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Thursday, November 8, 2007

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  • Fed Forecasts Economic Rebound by Next Spring
    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Thursday that he expects the U.S. economy to "slow noticeably" in coming months as the housing slump intensifies. Bernanke also said the economy has shown considerable resilience and should rebound next year.
  • U.S., Global Economies Chug On, Despite Woes
    Adam Posen, deputy director and a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, discusses how the weak U.S. dollar, the American real estate market and consumer confidence are affecting the U.S. and global economy. Posen talks with Robert Siegel.
  • China's Effect on Dollar Reflects Growing Influence
    The economies of the United States and China are intertwined in ways that were unimaginable a decade ago. China has more than $1 trillion in U.S. reserves. Currency markets were rattled when a minor Chinese official said it was time to move some of that money into euros. Neither China nor the U.S. would benefit if the dollar plummeted rapidly.
  • U.S. Teams Build Infrastructure in Afghanistan
    U.S. military looks to a provincial reconstruction team to implement anti-Taliban strategy, including building a road through the most dangerous part of Kunar — the Korengal Valley.
  • Are 'Exurban' Voters Shrinking GOP Landscape?
    On Tuesday, Democrats took control of the state Senate in Virginia. What was once solid Republican territory is shifting Democratic in recent years. Some analysts point to voters living in outer suburbs, or exurbs, to explain the changing political landscape.
  • Immigrant Verification System Flawed, Critics Say
    More businesses are signing on to a voluntary government computer program that's intended to verify that new hires are not illegal immigrants. But critics say the database it uses is rife with errors and that the program can't detect stolen documents.
  • Princeton Sextet Performs Laptop Symphonies
    The Princeton Laptop Orchestra is a six-person ensemble that performs music via computers. The performers sit on the floor with computers on their laps, with six-sided speakers next to them. They play original compositions written for the laptop.
  • Highly Acclaimed 'Persepolis' Denounced by Iran
    Persepolis began life as a French-language graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi. Now she has a hand in creating an animated movie version. It will be France's submission at the Oscars for best foreign-language film, but the Iranian government has denounced it.
  • 8-Year-Old's Reggaeton Grabs Grammy Nod
    The Eighth Annual Latin Grammy Awards are Thursday night in Las Vegas. Reggaeton sensation Miguelito is one of the artists up for Best Latin Children's Album. He's only 8 years old, but his videos and lyrics are a bit raunchier than his age would suggest.
  • Other Showdowns Loom After Veto Override
    Congress has successfully overridden a veto by President Bush for the first time. The House and Senate both voted with a veto-proof majority to enact a water resources bill. The showdown sets the stage for ongoing spending confrontations between Congress and the White House.

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