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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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  • Atlantic City Starts To Dig Out From Sandy
    We report from Atlantic City, N.J., on the aftermath of superstorm Sandy and the beginnings of clean up efforts on the barrier island. In the nearby town of Longport, Sandy poured straight through the multi-million dollar oceanfront homes. Casinos in Atlantic City have been closed down since Sunday, with no word yet on when they might reopen. And people who obeyed the order to evacuate the island are still not being allowed back.
  • Smart Power Grid May Have Lessened Sandy's Impact
    Old age and a new threat — climate change — are putting a strain on the East Coast's power infrastructure after Sandy.
  • Is Climate Change Responsible For Sandy?
    To what extent was climate change behind the formation of the superstorm Sandy? Did it make the storm worse than it otherwise would have been? Robert Siegel puts these questions to Martin Hoerling, research meteorologist at NOAA's Earth Systems Laboratory.
  • In Context: Mitt Romney, Ohio And The Auto Bailout
    Robert Siegel talks to Don Gonyea about controversial political ads on the auto bailout from the Mitt Romney campaign.
  • A 'Witch Queen' Who Casts Her Spells Year-Round
    Lady Rhea is not the kind of witch you'll find in a pointy hat this Halloween. She is a real workaday Wiccan, grinding out a living selling magic products in the Bronx.
  • At The Economy's Bottom Rungs, Striving To Climb Up
    In the last of a three-part series, All Things Considered talks with several North Carolinians who are living in poverty, but aspire to the middle class. Hard work is key to a better life, they say — but it's not easy to keep moving up the ladder.
  • 'Jagannath' Stories Are Weird In A Good Way
    Swedish writer Karin Tidbeck's debut story collection, Jagannath, is suffused with the myths of her homeland — and the American oddities she picked up as a student here. Reviewer Alan Cheuse says the stories are weird — but it's a good kind of weird.
  • Allen West Faces Challenge After Redistricting
    Firebrand and Tea Party favorite Congressman Allen West abandoned his old South Florida district after redistricting made it more Democratic. But even his new one is forcing the freshman to work hard to win a second term in the House.
  • Lucasfilm Deal Represents Shift In Hollywood
    Audie Cornish speaks with Steven Zeitchik, who covers entertainment for the Los Angeles Times, about the recent Disney deal that bought out filmmaker George Lucas' production company Lucasfilm Ltd. for over $4 billion. The company is behind one of the most beloved, profitable and iconic movie franchises of all time, Star Wars.
  • Obama, Christie Unlikely Partners After Sandy
    President Obama traveled to New Jersey on Wednesday to tour some of areas hardest hit by Sandy. Audie Cornish talks to Mara Liasson for more.

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