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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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  • Iraqi Kurds Prepare for Possible Turkish Invasion
    As tensions escalate on the Turkish-Iraq border, Iraqi Kurds express their sentiment that Turkey's real enemy is not the PKK but an autonomous Kurdish region.
  • Mosul Dam Repairs Were Botched, Inspector Says
    Stuart Bowen, the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, reports Tuesday on 21 contracts totaling $27 million that the government awarded to repair the Mosul Dam. He says the job, which was botched, stands in contrast to other contracts handled properly.
  • Real Life Out-Spooks Supernatural this Halloween
    Witches, goblins and ghosts used to be standard Halloween costumes. But some schools and communities have banned such so-called pagan symbolism. So, on the eve of Halloween, we offer some alternatives ripped from the headlines.
  • Volatile Market Challenges N.J. Property Appraiser
    Mike Timoni has an almost recession-proof job. He appraises home prices in New Jersey — and in today's volatile market, his assessments are very important. He says that despite the market downturn, his job is as busy as ever.
  • From Poetry to Web: Tools of Youthful Rebellion
    Commentator Andrei Codrescu hears that Internet startups are like rock bands — a dream of powerless youth. Once upon a time, stand-up comedy served the same purpose. And before that, it was poetry. But today's Web sites are part of the mainstream, he says, and the rebellion is blunted.
  • Respected Marine Lawyer Alleges Military Injustices
    Colby Vokey is the head of all Marine Corps defense lawyers in the western U.S. His recent retirement announcement said something troubling about the military court system. Vokey says that commanders and Bush administration officials have abused the system.
  • Vermonters Ponder Why Bush Hasn't Visited
    President Bush has visited every state in the country since he's been in office, except Vermont. Residents speculate on why the president might have steered clear of the Green Mountain State, but they also point out that the state doesn't carry much political weight for Bush.
  • Woodstock Museum Ensnared in Presidential Race
    In upstate New York, people are a little surprised that a local construction project has become fodder for a national political controversy. A museum being built on the site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival is now a topic in the presidential race.
  • Court Examines Law to Curb Child Porn on Internet
    The Supreme Court on Tuesday heard arguments on a federal law barring child pornography. Challengers say the law is too broad and could interfere with protected speech.
  • Rice, Gates Agree on Rules for Iraq Contractors
    Defense and State department leaders say military commanders should have more control of security contractors. The annoucement follows revelations that State investigators granted limited immunity to Blackwater employees involved in a deadly shootout in Iraq.

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