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Monday, October 29, 2007

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  • Accounts Differ About Attack on Iraqi Village
    A pre-dawn fight in one Iraqi Shiite village left more than two dozen villagers dead. The U.S. military calls those they killed "criminals" and "terrorists." But witnesses say those who died were all civilians.
  • Non-Lethal Weapon Emits Invisible Rays of Pain
    The Pentagon's research arm has come up with a weapon that can neutralize an individual — or a crowd — from a distance of more than 500 yards. It emits an invisible beam of high-energy radio frequency that causes a person to recoil and flee.
  • Latest Fires Provide Lessons in Prevention, Control
    As firefighters continue to rein in the many blazes that ravaged Southern California last week, officials take a cold, hard look at lessons learned from the disaster.
  • Poor Air Quality May Linger Long after Fire's Out
    The massive fires in Southern California have made for murky skies hundreds of miles away. Even though most of the fires will likely be under control this week, the air will be filled with smoke for much longer.
  • Scientists Study the Impact of Water on Climate
    Water is the most important greenhouse gas. NASA scientists study the moist air over Costa Rica to learn more about the role of water in climate change.
  • Gingrich Touts Conservative Take on Conservation
    In his book, A Contract with the Earth, Newt Gingrich describes a conservative approach to conservation. He says it would focus more on technology-based, entrepreneurial solutions, not regulation, litigation and taxation.
  • New Labor Deal, Designs Mark Turnaround for GM
    General Motors has a new labor contract. It's making profits instead of losing money. And its new vehicles are generating some buzz: The company's new crossover sport utility vehicle is getting rave reviews, and GM is promising a next-generation hybrid for 2010.
  • Shields, who Kept Meticulous Diary for Decades, Dies
    The Rev. Robert Shields, the 89-year-old former English teacher and pastor who had been chronicling every five minutes of his life since 1972, died earlier this month. He slept two hours at a time and wrote down his dreams.
  • Papers: Jesuits Were Warned About Abusive Priest
    Father Donald McGuire was convicted last year of sexually abusing two teenaged boys in the 1960s. Jesuit leaders insist they had no knowledge of any other abuses by McGuire, but documents reveal they were alerted by concerned parents many times over the past 38 years.
  • India's Landless Demand Compensation
    For three weeks, a human column has been weaving its way across the landscape toward New Delhi. Led by a posse of chanting Buddhist monks, tens of thousands of India's poorest people are on their way to the Indian parliament, where they'll demand compensation for lost land.

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