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Friday, October 28, 2011

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  • Hundreds Try To Influence The Supercommittee
    The deficit-cutting supercommittee is the target of intense lobbying efforts. An NPR analysis found that more than 600 separate corporations, trade associations and interest groups have said they intend to lobby around the work of the committee of 12.
  • Week In Politics: Executive Orders; Income Inequality
    Melissa Block speaks with our regular political commentators E.J. Dionne, of the Washington Post and Brookings Institution, and David Brooks, of the New York Times.
  • Letters: Northern Lights; John McCarthy
    Michele Norris and Melissa Block read emails from listeners.
  • Corporations Offer Help In Trimming The Waist
    Companies are trying to bring down their spiraling health care costs by helping employees lose weight. At Dow Chemical, managers hope to set an example by hitting the corporate gym at midday, and the company offers weight-management classes on demand, at workers' convenience.
  • Injured Iraq Vet Becomes Symbol For Occupy Oakland
    Witnesses say Scott Olsen was struck in the head by a projectile when clashes broke out Tuesday between Occupy Oakland protesters and police. At a vigil Thursday night, veterans gathered with protesters to pay tribute to Olsen. They say his story is a reminder of the dangers of excessive force.
  • Why GDP Is Like GPA
    It's an important indicator, but there's a lot it doesn't tell you.
  • For Witty, Warm, Wonderful Advice, We Asked Beth
    For years, Elizabeth Winship, the inimitable force behind Ask Beth, dispensed warm, smart advice to the young and hopelessly confused. Commentator Amy Dickinson pays tribute to a fellow Agony Aunt.
  • NFL Ratings Beat New Network Shows
    The biggest thing on broadcast TV this fall is the NFL. It's beating the shiny new network shows and, get this, 13 of the top 15 broadcasts this fall were NFL games — the other two were Two and a Half Men. The NFL is killing on cable, too. AMC's The Walking Dead shattered records for a cable drama this year, with had an audience of more than 7 million viewers for its premiere. But another cable series that nearly doubles that number week in and week out is ESPN's Monday Night Football, averaging nearly 14 million viewers per game. It's not news that the NFL rocks the other sports in TV ratings, but for the past few years its ratings dominance has spread to all of TV. So why the rise? Are more women watching? Is it because it looks good in HD? Maybe it's because sports are made to be watched live?
  • Cards Force First World Series Game 7 Since 2002
    In dramatic fashion, the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Texas Rangers Thursday night to force the first game 7 in the World Series since 2002. Michele Norris talks with sportswriter Stefan Fatsis about the game — and how it ranks among other thrilling World Series games of the past.
  • Republicans Struggle To Sway Latino Voters In Nevada
    Recent polls have shown that while most Latinos still support President Obama's re-election, that support is waning. But while Republicans in Las Vegas see an opening to persuade Nevada Latinos to their party, they're having trouble exploiting it.

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