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Monday, October 26, 2009

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  • Benefits Of Health Care Overhaul To Take Time
    A public option looks likely to be included in both the House and Senate versions of health care bills expected to be brought to their respective floors early next month. But even if lawmakers can get a bill passed and signed by President Obama, they are faced with a potential public relations problem: Most of the benefits don't actually take effect for three years or more.
  • Swine Flu Spread Highlights Paid-Sick-Leave Debate
    Many people continue to go to work when they're sick because they don't get paid if they stay home. A bill that would require employers to offer sick leave has been on hold, stalled by the health care overhaul legislation. But the swine flu epidemic has made the issue more pressing.
  • NASA To Launch World's Tallest Rocket
    The prototype of a new manned spacecraft is scheduled to launch Tuesday morning from the Kennedy Space Center. But a White House panel of experts recently raised doubts as to whether the Ares I-X is right for the job.
  • E-Books Utilize High-Tech 'Ink And Paper' Technology
    Fans of's Kindle 2 and Sony's Reader say the new digital books are easier to read than earlier generations, with a more "booklike" experience. That's due in part to the technology the e-books use for display — a digital version of ink and paper.
  • E-Book Readers Expected To Grow In Popularity
    Bookseller Barnes & Noble announced a new electronic-reading device, adding a new device to a sector that is seeing stiff competition. Omar Gallaga, who covers technology culture for the Austin American-Statesman, says 3 million e-book readers could be sold this year.
  • Explaining NPR West's Location
    Since its incorporation in 1917, Culver City, Calif., has been the home to MGM Studios, I Love Lucy and, since 2002, NPR West. Culver City Mayor Andrew Weissman, who has been a resident for more than 50 years, says despite its proximity to Los Angeles, Culver City is proud to maintain its distinction from its larger neighbor.
  • Planners Contemplate Phoenix's Post-Boom Future
    The vast majority of the Phoenix metropolitan area — 90 percent — was built after 1950. It's been a pell-mell push for growth. But like many places, that growth came to a screeching halt during the recession. Planners now wonder whether the area can build a more sustainable economy.
  • CNN Slips To Last Place In Prime-Time Programming
    CNN's prime-time programs finished fourth and last among the cable news networks in October. CNN's programs finished behind not only Fox News and MSNBC, but also its own sister network HLN.
  • Letters: Market, Correction, Shofar
    Listeners respond to Melissa Block's profile of the New Seasons Market in Portland, Ore. They also point to an error in a correction on Friday's show, and respond to last month's interview of shofar player Jenny Litvack, goddaughter of jazz legend Dizzy Gillespie. Melissa Block and Robert Siegel read from listeners' e-mails.
  • New Cookbook Chronicles A Year Of Cakes At NPR
    All Things Considered producer Melissa Gray describes her adventures in baking — and the staff's adventures in eating — in All Cakes Considered. Gray brings a new cake into the office every Monday. She says she loves to see the staff's childish joy at seeing her latest confection.

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