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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

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  • GOP Has Chance To 'Plant Flag' In Obama's State
    Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn and challenger Bill Brady, a Republican, are in a tight race. The state's huge budget deficit and high unemployment are the top issues.
  • Jack Conway Defiant On Rand Paul-Christianity Ad
    Jack Conway, a Kentucky Democrat running for Senate, denied questioning Rand Paul's faith. He told NPR he was merely saying Paul should be held accountable for belonging to an irreverent club in college. He also said he would fix the new health law.
  • Johnny Sheffield, Tarzan's 'Boy,' Dies At 79
    NPR's Robert Siegel has this remembrance of actor Johnny Sheffield, who played "Boy" in the Tarzan movies of the 1930s and '40s. Sheffield was 79 and died Monday at his home in Chula Vista, Calif., after falling from a ladder.
  • French Protests Over Pension Turn Violent
    The strikes in France have reached major sectors of society, with passenger jet service cut in half, roads blocked and schools closed. All this in protest of a vote this week in the French Senate that would increase the age of retirement from 60 to 62.
  • Southeast Turkey A Temporary, Difficult Refuge
    The area is a main crossing point for people fleeing Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. But refugees can wait years for resettlement elsewhere and can fall prey to swindlers who promise help.
  • Garry Wills' Adventures As An 'Outsider Looking In'
    In his new memoir, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Garry Wills explains his career as a lifelong observer. In Outside Looking In, he talks books, politics and family — and explains how his father's philosophy about the word "cannot" is one reason he became a conservative.
  • Abuse Of Temporary Marriages Flourishes In Iraq
    The practice, a way of having a "legitimate affair," was banned during Saddam Hussein's reign but returned after the American invasion. Some say there's a right way to do the muta'a, or fixed-term marriage, but others claim rampant misuse.
  • Costco Battles For Cheaper Booze In Wash. State
    In Washington state, firefighters and church groups have teamed up with beer distributors to fight a ballot measure proposal backed by Costco. The initiative would do away with state-run liquor stores and eliminate price controls for wine and beer sales.
  • Animosity Toward Press Flares Up On Campaign Trail
    Politicians' apprehension of the press has hardened into outright hostility in some cases. A number of candidates in both parties have kept their distance from journalists covering them, withholding their public schedules and refusing to answer reporters' questions. But in two recent episodes, Republican candidates thousands of miles apart took their animosity to extremes.
  • Tom Bosley, One Of TV's Favorite Dads, Dies At 83
    Robert Siegel has this remembrance of actor Tom Bosley, of the long-running television show Happy Days. Bosley died Tuesday morning at age 83.

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