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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

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  • Obama Focused, Energetic After Second Debate
    President Obama traveled to Iowa Wednesday morning to meet with voters after Tuesday night's second presidential debate.
  • GOP Angry With Moderator Crowley After Debate
    Mitt Romney traveled to Virginia Wednesday morning after Tuesday night's second presidential debate. Robert Siegel talks with Ari Shapiro.
  • Which President Would Make The Best Babysitter?
    A recent ABC News poll quizzed registered voters on this question: Of the two presidential candidates, who'd you prefer as a babysitter? President Obama currently leads Governor Romney as a choice 49 percent to 36 percent. But the question itself got us wondering — among past presidents, who'd be a better babysitter? We polled several historians to find out.
  • Jessica Lange, Back In Black For 'Horror Story'
    NPR's Neda Ulaby talks to the American Horror Story star and show creator Ryan Murphy about horror as metaphor, and what's in store in Season 2.
  • These 'Miracle Cures' Are Absurd And Delightful
    Argentine author César Aira's newest novel, The Miracle Cures of Dr. Aira, is the story of a doctor's quest for miracle cures for imagined illnesses — and to defeat his wicked archnemesis, the sinister Dr. Actyn. Reviewer Pablo Medina says it's worth a read.
  • How The Taliban Is Thwarting The War On Polio
    Polio is deadly, but so is what's required to stamp it out once and for all in Pakistan: facing down Islamist extremists. The virus thrives in Pakistan's lawless — and largely inaccessible — tribal regions. To stop polio's spread, health workers must be courageous, clever and relentless.
  • Unmasking One Of The Internet's Biggest 'Trolls'
    A key anonymous moderator for violent and sexual topics on the social media site Reddit has been unmasked. Melissa Block talks with Gawker reporter Adrian Chen about his article outing "Violentacrez," and what makes an Internet troll tick.
  • Divided Wis. Voters Unite In Debate Viewing
    A group in Wisconsin is trying to heal that state's bitter partisan divide by holding monthly meetings and forums to discuss political issues with in a friendly and more civil way. But could they remain civil while watching Tuesday night's presidential debate?
  • Gun Control A Surprise Issue In Presidential Debate
    A topic rarely discussed by the presidential candidates this election — gun control — was raised during Tuesday's debate. But they spent little time discussing specifics of their Second Amendment policies. Melissa Block talks about those policies with Rebekah Metzler of U.S. News and World Report.
  • Nike Drops Sponsorship Of Armstrong Over Doping
    Lance Armstrong is stepping down from his role as Chairman at his cancer-fighting foundation, Livestrong. He's also been dropped by Nike, which ended its relationship with him on Wednesday.

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