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Friday, October 17, 2008

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  • Week In Politics Reviewed
    This week, Barack Obama and John McCain had their final debate at Hofstra University in New York. David Brooks of The New York Times says McCain should press the idea of a divided government as both the Senate and the House look likely to have strong Democratic government. E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post says it's difficult for McCain to dig himself out of the hole he's in.
  • West Virginia Voters Wrestle With Race, Rumors
    Though Barack Obama lost West Virginia's primary to Hillary Clinton by a wide margin, recent polls show the Democrat is now running neck-and-neck with Republican John McCain in the state. Still, some residents are struggling with supporting a black presidential candidate.
  • With Revenues Shrinking, Mass. Cuts Services
    Massachusetts has watched its tax revenues shrink in response to the slow economy. Now Gov. Deval Patrick has proposed painful cuts to state services.
  • Economic Woes Hit County Budgets Hard
    County budgets are down across the nation. In King County, Wash., home to Seattle, executive Ron Sims has announced that as many as 255 jobs could be eliminated.
  • Chicago Eyes Layoffs Amid Meltdown
    Cities — like many of the people who live in them — are struggling to make ends meet as the economy sours. Chicago's budget shortfall for next year is nearly $500 million. To close that gap, Mayor Richard Daley plans to lay off close to 1,000 city workers.
  • Obama's Evolution From Organizer To Politician
    Barack Obama says he got his best education as a community organizer in Chicago, where his aim was to turn grievances into action. Lessons learned during that time can be seen in his run for president.
  • Neb. Safe Haven Law Draws More Than Infants
    Nebraska's new safe haven law allows parents and guardians to drop unwanted children off at a hospital emergency room. Most children dropped off have been over 11. Courtney Anderson, a social worker in the Emergency Department at Immanuel Hospital in Omaha, Neb., says their goal is to support the child, keep them safe and keep the situation as calm as possible.
  • In Baseball, Red Sox Live To Fight Another Day
    The Boston Red Sox made up a seven-run deficit to beat the Tampa Bay Rays and stay alive in the American League Championships. Sportswriter Stefan Fatsis says the Rays can recover from the loss by focusing on their next game.
  • Oliver Stone's 'W.': Taking Aim At A Lame Duck
    With elections just days away, the director of Nixon and JFK returns with a fantasia on the life of George W. Bush. As the first-ever film about a sitting president, it's certainly a curiosity; but is it much more?
  • For Next President, Historic Power Over Economy
    : The next president will lead a country gripped by the worst financial turmoil in generations. But he will also assume more direct control over the economy than his recent predecessors and may have the opportunity to reshape it.

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