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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • DonationTom Petters -- the Mr. Fixit of business
    Tom Petters likes fixing companies -- turning around apparently failed investments. He's done that with Fingerhut, Polaroid and a number of other enterprises. Now he has two more fixer-uppers in Minnesota -- Sun Country Airlines and an empty airlines maintenance base in Duluth.5:50 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Iraqi Officials: Blackwater Shootings Deliberate
    The Iraqi prime minister's office over the weekend said an initial investigation concludes that Blackwater USA contractors "deliberately killed" 17 civilians, although U.S. and Iraqi officials are reportedly working on a joint investigation into the Sept. 16 shooting.
  • Blackwater's San Diego-Area Plan Spurs Protest
    Blackwater USA wants to build a 200-acre training facility in San Diego's backcountry, but growing controversy over the private security contractors' operations in Iraq might hurt the project's prospects for approval. Bitter divisions are emerging in the small community of Potrero.
  • A Grandfather's War Stories
    Commentator Kenneth Harbaugh grew up hearing tales of war from his grandfather who served in World War II. When he was quite small, the stories seemed "fun, full of dark humor." It wasn't until he was older that his grandfather revealed the more realistic versions of his narratives.
  • Quantum Computer Discovery Nets Nobel Prize
    Two scientists share this year's award in physics for discoveries that revolutionized computer memory. Albert Fert of France and Peter Grunberg of Germany independently discovered a phenomenon that relies on the spooky world of quantum mechanics to read data from computer disks.
  • Classroom Laptop Use Distracting, Professor Says
    A movement to limit the use of laptop computers in college classrooms is growing. A law professor at the Chicago-Kent College of Law says he's observed students in class watching ball games, planning weddings and chatting online, rather than taking notes.
  • Milford, N.H., Republicans Convey Disillusionment
    A recent visit to Milford, N.H., reveals that some longtime GOP supporters are disillusioned with the party because of the war in Iraq and the deficit. Among Democrats, there is wider support for Sen. Hillary Clinton's candidacy.
  • Democrats Hopeful Amid Changing GOP Landscape
    The race for president is not the only one taking shape. The terms of 22 senators and every member of the House are up in 2008, and a number of lawmakers — many of them Republicans — have decided not to run again.
  • Three India Stories Comprise 'Elephanta Suite'
    During the past four decades, Paul Theroux has produced more than two dozen works of fiction and half as many widely read travel books. His latest work of fiction, The Elephanta Suite, is composed of three novellas set in modern India.
  • Country Music Sales Suffer Familiar Fate
    Country music album sales have dropped 30 percent at midyear, according to Nielsen/Soundscan — a dramatic drop for a genre that seemed to be weathering the overall drop in album sales that's afflicting the rest of the music industry.
  • A High Lonesome Song for the Country Star
    The decline in country music sales has some on Nashville's Music Row wondering why fans have up and left them. Singer/songwriter Jeff Black puts the reasons to a honky-tonk beat.

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