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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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  • Unlike Stocks, Credit Market Fails To Rebound
    The stock market bounced back Tuesday, regaining nearly 500 of the 777 points it lost Monday. While the volatility in the stock market has gotten a lot of attention, many economists are much more concerned about what's happening in the credit markets.
  • McCain, Obama Urge Congress To Act On Bailout
    John McCain and Barack Obama called for the government to raise the limit on federal insurance for bank deposits from $100,000 to $250,000. Both also tried to hammer home the importance of congressional action on the bailout.
  • Rescue Plan Failed Despite Leaders' Urging
    The failure of the bailout plan came as a surprise, in part, because so many leaders said they were backing it. President Bush, the two presidential candidates and the leaders of both parties in the House all backed it and failed.
  • Ailing Wall Street Learns Soup Is Good Stock
    Monday's massive stock sell-off meant declining numbers for every company on the Dow Jones industrial average and all but one on the S&P 500. So what was the lone brand name where investors sought refuge? Campbell's Soup Company.
  • Amid Foreclosures, A Rise In Homeless Students
    The foreclosure crisis and the economic slowdown are leading to a big jump in the number of students who are homeless. Educators say they are now seeing many families who once had the means to own a house becoming homeless for the first time.
  • Rural New Jersey Tackles Wild Hogs
    Rural parts of New Jersey are having trouble with wild hogs. The feral pigs root up lawns and golf courses. Biologists are trying to trap the feral pigs so they won't spread disease to livestock and want to contain the wild hogs' population.
  • What Strategies Will Biden, Palin Take In VP Debate?
    On Thursday, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin will participate in the only vice presidential debate. Two experienced political strategists say Palin needs to be confident, while Biden should be cautious.
  • In Colorado, Early Voting Spurs Flurry Of Ads
    Voters in the battleground state of Colorado are already being barraged with political ads. Add to that a hotly contested Senate race and the fact that early voting starts this month and the ads take on an urgency viewers cannot escape.
  • Letters: Failed Bailout Bill
    Overwhelmingly, listeners opposed the financial rescue bill, saying the House was right not to pass it. One listener criticized the use of the term "bailout," while another likened the negotiations over the bill to an acrimonious divorce settlement.
  • Los Angeles Asks Residents To Recycle Food Scraps
    The city has started a pilot program, offering residents in a targeted area kitchen pails to separate food waste from regular garbage. The plan is to divert 600 tons of food that go to the landfills every day. The food would be recycled into compost.

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