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Thursday, September 29, 2011

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  • It Took Only 5 Minutes? House Votes To Stay Funded
    A few members voted Thursday in five minutes and two seconds to keep the government funded for four days — or until their colleagues return next week. Astonishing, considering it took the entire months of June and July for Congress to decide to continue paying bills it had already incurred.
  • Can Rick Perry Regain His Momentum?
    The Texas governor rocketed to the top of the field after he entered the race for the GOP presidential nomination last month. But his wobbly debate performances have reversed his momentum and led many Republicans to say he needs to make some big changes — and fast.
  • Proposed Alaska Mine Faces Fierce Opposition
    In Alaska's picturesque Bristol Bay region, developers are looking to build an enormous copper and gold mine. They promise the effort will be carried out in an environmentally responsible way — and provide area jobs. But fisherman, conservationists and native groups have joined efforts to thwart the mine, fearing it will pollute fish and wildlife. Melissa Block talks about the battle for Bristol Bay with reporter Daysha Eaton of member station KDLG in Dillingham, Alaska.
  • Brewers And Beer Lovers Tap Into Craft Beer Craze
    Sales of craft beer have risen 15 percent this year, while sales of mass-produced beers have dipped. Innovation within the industry is exciting for aficionados — many of whom will attend this weekend's Great American Beer Festival, considered the premier venue for new breweries to get noticed.
  • Samuel Adams Brewer Offers Microloans
    For the past few years, the Boston Beer Company has been doing more than just brewing Samuel Adams Boston Lager. They've also been helping to brew up small businesses with a microloan program. This week, they expanded that program to include businesses in Chicago. Michele Norris talks with Boston Beer Company founder and chairman Jim Koch about the "Brewing the American Dream" program.
  • In Saudi Arabia, Only Men Vote, And Not Often
    Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has promised women they can vote in the next election. But on Thursday, it was still only the men who were allowed to cast ballots in municipal elections, and it appeared that few of them chose to do so.
  • French Feminists Say 'Non' To 'Mademoiselle'
    Spurred by the Dominique Strauss-Kahn scandal, French feminists are taking on what they see as one of the most entrenched and subtle barriers to gender equality in France: the word "mademoiselle." They say the term is irrelevant and insulting.
  • Former New Orleans Archbishop Dies At 98
    Melissa Block talks with Peter Finney, executive editor of the Clarion Herald, about the legacy of former Archbishop Philip Hannan, who died this morning at the age of 98.
  • Using Twitter To Tap Into The Mood Of The Planet
    Analyzing the tweets of millions of users suggested cross-cultural, Earth-wide trends in peoples' moods across days and weeks: We're more positive in the morning and late evening. The results point to new ways that academic research might tap into social media.
  • Mates Of State: Reaching Surprising New 'Mountaintops'
    Based first in Kansas, then in California, now in Connecticut, the members of Mates of State have been making music for 15 years. Still, their ebullient new album is a sonic surprise.

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